The lure of the shutter


A recent morning at one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches.

What was different about this one though, I was meeting two others there to take pictures. Who else would be eager to get up in the dark part of the morning to take some snaps? These two rockin’ women- Jerusha and Rachael. I give a thousand thanks to social media for connecting me with others who also enjoy the lure of the shutter.


If you are in Sydney and also enjoy the click of a shutter, Head On is currently running throughout May. If you haven’t been to see anything yet, I’d say hop skip and jump to your nearest gallery. The pictures are bloody amazing.


ps. This is what happens when a wave catches you by surprise…whoosh!

First Light

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If I was starting another blog from scratch again, I think I would name it something watery like “Webbed Feet”….well, maybe not that one. Maybe, “The Old Sea Dog”. A blog entirely made up of photos and stories from the sea. A tiny corner to put my salty thoughts, and damp wonderings.

In lieu of having another blog entirely dedicated for my love of the ocean, I do get to sooth my cool water needs with some posts within here and reading this beautiful magazine– Great Ocean Quarterly.

If there is a part of you that yearns for the ocean, a desire for sand beneath toes, rocks by your side and a secret tiny longing for a merpersons tail, than this the magazine for you.*

It’s divine. Every. Single. Page.

There is no other magazine like it.

For the blog readers here, who are also salty people of the sea. This link is for you. A peek into how the article First Light was done in the magazines first edition.

Magic. Pure salty tinged magic.


* I get nothing for mentioning this beautiful magazine, except for the knowledge, that I’ve passed on to someone else who also likes the feeling of dipping their toes into the salty wet good stuff. 

peddling towards sunlit shores




Pedalling through the still darkened streets, I keep my eye towards the dark grey sky. Just a hint of light, I still had a good while to go before the sun nudged itself over the horizon. The air is cold, it hits my face and bare arms. I think for a moment of everyone still sleeping at home, snuggled in.  A warm bed has been given up for the cold and for the grey. A cup of tea in favour of a bicycle.

A bicycle peddling towards sunlit shores…

Was it worth it?

Every second.


a tiny garden of hope



There’s a warmth to the early morning air already, and a soft hum of distant traffic. The buzzing of a far off hovering helicopter, is balanced out by the squarks of the overhead parrots starting their day, shrieking from branch to branch.

A stillness to the air, that is appreciated and quietly charges me.

A sleepy sun begins a slow climb upwards, wet washing gets pegged out and plants watered, ready for the heat of the day.

The pause, a moment. A flick off of a reluctant caterpillar. There’s hope in this tiny garden of mine. Tiny bubbles of hope, that at 6am I can feel sitting around me. Hope in more forms than I can count. I like it, in fact I love it. It feels sometime since I had taken the time to fully absorb the morning in my tiny potted garden. Perhaps even some time since I had truly taken in those bubbles of hope.

The kettle has boiled, there is a pot of chai tea waiting inside. Precious minutes, before thoughts are returned to someone or something else for the day.

Maybe just one more moment, with my tiny garden of hope.

a fairy sunrise

 There is always something magical about watching a new day start. Watching the light change, the silence…followed by the new day sounds.

The shadows shift. Every blade of grass glistens with a night time story. Webs are shown off, with gentle subtle perfection.

Surely this is where tales of fairies emerge. Dainty toes traipsing across silken lines. Single dew drops to wash clean tiny fairy faces.

Soft sunlight pushing the shadows away.

This is where it begins.

chasing the sun

A nudge awake at 5am.

A frantic run towards the coast.

No buses.

Just have to leg it.

Wait sun!

Wait until I get closer to raise your sunny head above the horizon.

Please wait…I’m coming.

Chest heaving, legs running.

It feels so good. The Monkeys are still tucked up in bed, their Dadda can whisper the good mornings today.

It’s 5am, and it’s my time this morning.

My time to chase the sun…