First Light

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If I was starting another blog from scratch again, I think I would name it something watery like “Webbed Feet”….well, maybe not that one. Maybe, “The Old Sea Dog”. A blog entirely made up of photos and stories from the sea. A tiny corner to put my salty thoughts, and damp wonderings.

In lieu of having another blog entirely dedicated for my love of the ocean, I do get to sooth my cool water needs with some posts within here and reading this beautiful magazine– Great Ocean Quarterly.

If there is a part of you that yearns for the ocean, a desire for sand beneath toes, rocks by your side and a secret tiny longing for a merpersons tail, than this the magazine for you.*

It’s divine. Every. Single. Page.

There is no other magazine like it.

For the blog readers here, who are also salty people of the sea. This link is for you. A peek into how the article First Light was done in the magazines first edition.

Magic. Pure salty tinged magic.


* I get nothing for mentioning this beautiful magazine, except for the knowledge, that I’ve passed on to someone else who also likes the feeling of dipping their toes into the salty wet good stuff. 


25 thoughts on “First Light

  1. i love the ocean too brydie..if i’m away from it for too long i get a sense of unease..maybe it’s because i grew up near the’s in my blood..x


  2. When I lived in Wales, it was completely magic for me to be living by the sea – and doubly so, for being on the West coast meant I was watching the sun sink into the ocean, rather than emerging from it. I am a mountain girl, for sure, but the sight of the ocean will always quieten my mind and my energy. x


    • Having always lived on the east, the few times I’ve travelled and been lucky enough to watch the sun go down over the water….ahhh, bliss. Just as soul filling as watching it go up.

      (Although I have to say Becs, watching a sunrise or sunset over mountains is pretty damn special as well…enjoy those mountains.)


  3. ooooo i do love the thought of the ‘what if i started up a new blog’ title.
    mine has come so far from when i first registered that name with blogger.
    beautiful photos, beautiful link, beautiful dreamy thoughts to take with me along my merry way. x


  4. Uplifting photos. The smell of the ocean is what I miss. When we were away the smell of the beach in the early morning was really invigorating. I had forgotten that smell. It would be lovely to wake up to that (and coffee!) every day.


  5. I think that we Aussies are all web footed. I have a need to smell the salty air or I feel lost. I couldn’t live anywhere where there wasn’t at least a whiff of that salty tang on the breeze. Serendipity Farm might be on a river but it’s salt water at this end and just around the corner is Bass Strait. When most of the population live around the coast you are going to end up with a country of beach lovers. Nothing like going camping at the beach and waking up before the sun and splashing around in rock pools while your parents catch fish and cook it for breakfast fresh. Some moments in your life get burned into your soul like gold. Cheers for sharing that gorgeous little video and we are going to have to work out a secret handshake for we sea adorers…sort of multi-fingered like a sea urchin so that anyone who is “in” can remember it methinks 😉


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  7. I haven’t popped in for a while, you some lovely images & have to agree Great Ocean Quarterly is a fabulous magazine … I love to get lost in it.


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