That’s just not vegetarian- ELC #4

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goat curry- Eat Local Challenge || cityhippyfarmgirl

You’ll probably never find me getting nostaligic over a medium rare steak. It’s unlikely I’ll be looking forward to a dinner of sticky ribs. And just quietly I think roasted lamb tastes like a shearing shed. Meals round these parts are mostly vegetarian, and I like that.

However, just occasionally I feel like something, just a little something on the meatier side- heavily doused in a heady aroma of spices mind you.

Now goat isn’t my normal choice, but I’d made a curry before from it and had really liked the results. My slight, ever so slight issue with making a curry was local spices. Yes, there really wasn’t any. Could I get enough of a curry like taste from the fresh ginger, garlic and turmeric?*

Yes, I could. Combined with the roasted tomatoes and capsicums- which had intensified their flavours in the oven, it really was quite flavourful. The lime gave an added zing to it, and I quietly high-fived myself for keeping it all local, while still making a curry.

One thing that did come about from cooking this dish was my absolute respect for the ancient spice trade. No wonder they were traded like gold. (A new found respect for moderately sized spice rack too.)

*Next time I also know where to source some local curry leaves.


Goat Curry

700g chopped goat leg

(Booma Boers, Dorrigo)

finger of tumeric

(Rita’s Farm, Kemp Creek- 50km)

large knob of ginger

(Rita’s Farm, Kemp Creek- 50km)

10 cloves of garlic

(Keith Hungerford, Bathurst- 200km)

1 diced onion

(Rita’s Farm, Kemp Creek- 50km)

6 quartered tomatoes

(Rita’s Farm, Kemp Creek- 50km)

4 quartered capsicums/peppers

(Rita’s Farm, Kemp Creek- 50km)


(Mahbrook Organics, Calderwood-110km)


(Crooked Creek, Palm Grove- 90km)


(my courtyard)

Finely chop, garlic, ginger, turmeric. Pop into a large pot with the chopped goat meat and brown the meat, then turn the pot off. Meanwhile roast tomatoes and capsicum in the oven. Once these are done and roasted, process them in a hand mixer or something similar and pour the mixture into the meat pot. Add a little water, and slowly cook on a low heat until the meat is soft and coming off the bone.

Serve with local rice, chopped cucumber, chilli and a squeeze of lime.

eat local challenge || cityhippyfarmgirl

27 thoughts on “That’s just not vegetarian- ELC #4

  1. I’m very interested that you like goat but not lamb… My hubby was basically raised vegetarian, but eats meat now, as long as it’s drowned in sauce and doesn’t taste too meaty! I really want to cook Rabbit, but I’m not sure he’ll go for it. I’m pretty sure goat is a no go! Sounds yummy to me!


    • Sam I’m just like your husband. I like meat to not taste like meat, so I say give the goat a crack, you can hide a lot of spices in there….rabbit, hmmm, it’s a bit well, meaty for me. Gamey taste. Saying that, if it was drowning in spices and garlic I’d probably like it. Try the goat, I’d love to see if you can get it past him!


  2. Good on you B. – your local focus is so inspiring. I am not as good, although I do get a satisfied feeling when I see others buying American cherries or some such, and I quietly think about the air miles I’m passing over for our more boring, but Australian, autumn produce. Spices are definitely harder and I will have to think a bit more carefully about them!


  3. Hi Brydie. I have been wanting to make a goat curry for a while now. I am going to try this as I can always trust your recipes! I love how you have listed the origins of all of your ingredients, great effort in sourcing so many things so close to home x


    • Jane you could easily add even more spices in there, but for the sake of my Eat Local Challenge I didn’t. The trick really was roasting the tomatoes and capsicum though, that pulled it all together.
      However you cook it Jane, I reckon it will be delicious 🙂


  4. That’s about the amount of garlic I use when slow cooking meat. Ex vego here:) Delicious autumn family dish. You’ve got me thinking about growing curry leaves I use so much of it. We get local lamb in Spring but I don’t eat it and I hate the smell but I do cook it for the family. I don’t have much choice in local so you have to grab what you can (quickly!) when it’s available.


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