Leek and Potato Soup- ELC #8

Leek and potato soup- eat local challenge || cityhippyfarmgirl

leek and potatoes || cityhippyfarmgirl

I’m not going to fancy this one up. There’s no verjuice, cream of, foam, quinoa or chia in there. It hasn’t been slow roasted, caramelised or reduced. It also waves a sugar, gluten, dairy free flag and that’s because it uses super fresh grown with love farmer fresh produce.

It’s Leek and Potato Soup.

Like I said, no fancy pants here. Leeks, potato, a half head of cauliflower for added good measure and water. Cook that all up until soft, blitz it with a hand held blender and delicately drop a little thyme from the kitchen window sill on the top. Add some of my favourite salt and dinner… is done.

leek and potato soup || cityhippyfarmgirl

Where did it all come from?

Potatoes- Naturally Grown Naturally Better, Crookwell, 240km

Leeks- Rita’s Farm, Kemps Creek, 50km

Cauliflower- Rita’s Farm, Kemps Creek, 50km

Thyme- my windowsill


Have you checked out Give a Fork yet, run by Sustainable Table? You should, you definitely should. They are running a compaign during the month of October on #wastefree meals.

“Share a #wastefree meal with mates during the month of October and raise awareness and funds to help build a food system that is good for the environment, fair on Aussie farmers, ethical and healthy.”

eat local || cityhippyfarmgirl

 Interested in taking the Eat Local Challenge?

Just how local is local? Well this depends entirely on you. Only you know how you and your family eat. Raise the bar just a little from what you already do. If making sure the majority of your meal includes solely food produced in your country, than make that your challenge. If you want to make it a little trickier, go for produced in the same state…trickier still within 160km.

My aim is to really know where my food is coming from for at least one meal a month, (where I will be posting here in the last week of the month).

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eat local challenge || cityhippyfarmgirl


34 thoughts on “Leek and Potato Soup- ELC #8

  1. Nice! Lovely site. Everything that I’m about. My blog on holistic nutrition might interest.


    No obligation to respond. Just thought it’d be right up your alley. Esp the How to Eat page. =)



  2. I can never resist adding a good slurp of cream to mine (from our herd share cows – so its definitely local!) but the cauliflower is a new innovation. I must try it. Looks wonderful. x


  3. Totally agree! Using the produce we have available locally is SO important on so many levels – it’s better for the environment, tastes better because it’s fresher, supports the local economy and so community. This is the message that I hope all the kids in my kitchen garden program come away with – that everything we eat has a story. It’s important that we know what those stories are 🙂


    • Sam I think it’s really important as well, and especially at the school level. I’ve just had a bit to do with our school kitchen garden classes and really think it’s working…and really how good is that! Now more though, I want there to be more 🙂


  4. Gorgeous as always. I love these Eat Local Challenge posts, they’re awesome Brydie! I am trying to eat as locally as possible whilst away too… it’s pretty easy in Scotland as people seem to still shop at tiny stores (other than the infiltration of ASDA and LIDL, they’re everywhere but small shops still survive at present) and they take great pride in their local dairy, baked goods and veg. Your soup looks beautifully nourishing and delicious xx


  5. Perfect timing! How funny that your local ingredients also happen to be MY local ingredients at the moment – and we are on opposites ends of the planet! We just got the first small leeks and potatoes in our CSA share this week. I don’t have any veg stock, so this recipe is perfect! On the menu for tonight.


  6. What could be more humble and yet more satisfying than potato and leek soup? Just looking at the ingredients gives you a sense of their wholesome and hearty future. I love simple food. The essence of the vegetables paired with spices and sauces that enhance them. I take great joy in elevating humble vegetables into something that makes me smile and feel incredibly glad to be vegan whenever I eat them. Life is good. Potato and leek soup is gooder 🙂


  7. We’re just coming into the Hearty Soup season and as we have leeks and potatoes in the garden it can be truly local. I’d never have thought of adding cauliflower though – inspired suggestion.


  8. A delicious frugal and local soup at its best. I do lots of simple soups like this and freeze them and perfect for when lunchtime visitors pop around. I then can spend the morning tidying up while a simple loaf of bread is baking.


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