Eat Local Challenge- The End

At the beginning of this year I set out to find out more on my local food and what was available around me, living here in the city. I wanted a little challenge. Not a big one, but something to get me thinking a little differently.

I already supported a lot of local eating. Receive a weekly vegetable box delivered through OOOOBY. Was a frequent lurker at many of the city’s farmers markets, and knew which brands to head towards when in the shops.

So what did I learn from doing this? Well, number one, I would say, catering five sets of tastebuds to local eating is a little tricky. If it was just me, no problem? Two adults? Still pretty easy. Add three kiddos, slightly more complicated, but definitely doable.

Another thing I really valued after doing the challenge, is spices. I love spices, and there are bugger all of my favourite spices grown around Sydney. Sure I can do with out them, but a life long deletion? Hmmm….

Using tumeric, curry leaves, garlic, lime, chilli and salt were really important in the local dishes I made for extra flavour oomph. The Murray River Salt while technically not really local at all, I looked at it as knowing where it came from. 

eat local || cityhippyfarmgirl So what now? Now that the year has come to an end, where do I go from here with my local eating?

At this stage I’m not actually sure, (which might sound rather wishy washy) but I do think to do these things long term a gradual change is better. As you’ll have more chance of sticking by the changes, and that really is what I’ve done over 2014. Gradually introduced more local food options to our family’s meals, gotten to know some different companies and played with some different food alternatives to the tried and true ones I usually reach for.

Ive enjoyed doing it, my family didn’t notice any vast differences to our meals, and now that Pepe Saya has been introduced to our lives…well, there’s no going back now is there.


Interested in creating your own Eat Local Challenge?

Just how local is local? Well this depends entirely on you. Only you know how you and your family eat. Raise the bar just a little from what you already do. If making sure the majority of your meal includes solely food produced in your country, than make that your challenge. If you want to make it a little trickier, go for produced in the same state…trickier still within 160km.

My aim this year was to really know where my food is coming from for at least one meal a month. These can all be found below.  

Eat Local Challenge #10

Eat Local Challenge #9

Eat Local Challenge #8

Eat Local Challenge #7

Eat Local Challenge #6

Eat Local Challenge #5

Eat Local Challenge #4

Eat Local Challenge #3

Eat Local Challenge #2

Eat Local Challenge #1

eat local challenge || cityhippyfarmgirl

21 thoughts on “Eat Local Challenge- The End

  1. I do love this challenge and I have to say that I am already more aware of buying local (Dutch and city) grown vegetables. I just stick by the seasons ;o) But I have to say that we have still a big challange in fruits and other foods.

    We just take one step at a time and I think eventually… ;o)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wonderful challenge Brydie. I do get a boost when I do my shopping at the local market on the weekend and I know that everything I buy is from within around 50km.

    I think I need to challenge myself more now that I’m back in Europe. Me buying goods from the South of France is like you getting things from Southern Queensland. I thought nothing of buying QLD mangoes, but I feel like I should challenge myself to buy British as a minimum or even better the south of England.


  3. You did so well! I loved your food. It is challenging when you have to think of little fingers too. I’m keen to take up the challenge next year. I know what you mean about spices. I recently bought organic spices (non irradiated) but they are from India but the flavour is out sanding. Ooh purusing Pepe Saya now.


  4. Once a Pepe Saya convert, always a Pepe Saya convert. It’s been really good following you on this journey and seeing how through this challenge you have been supporting so many local businesses xx


  5. I’ve enjoyed following this. I guess that even if you don’t set yourself the challenge any longer, each time you buy something you’ll be making a conscious decision about its provenance. It’s good to support local (and I try to as much as possible), but only if they’re of a high enough standard.


  6. I loved reading these posts, Brydie this year. It made me feel so grateful of the local options we have here being around local farmers and not take it for granted. Though it may have been trickier in the city …you found all these amazing places to get your food that supported local people and farmers….well done!!


    • In some ways it’s trickier Kim and in others gosh, it really isn’t it. I’m really lucky to have so many choices at my finger tips.
      And I still have to visit your area and see first hand all your wonderful options. One day eh!


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  8. I have just found your website Brydie (via Lorraine Elliot) – really interesting to read about your eating local challenge and good on you for taking it on in Sydney – I do most of my food shopping at one of our Farmers’ Market and we are very lucky in Hawke’s Bay to have great produce all year round – so it’s not too hard to eat mostly locally – the one exception as you mentioned is spices and we don’t grow rice in NZ and only a little wheat – but for fresh, as I say we are very lucky here. Eating seasonally and locally is what my blog is all about.


    • We are both lucky to have so much at our own doorsteps aren’t we. These sort of eat local challenges would be pretty darn hard if icy winters were 6 months long or dessert conditions. Really glad you stopped by and said hello Rachel 🙂


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