5 recipes I’ll be making over the holiday period

stollen || cityhippyfarmgirl

Selecting just five recipes for this post was actually harder than I thought. What to make, what to bake….and most importantly, what to eat??

Stollen, there will be definitely some of this. Stollen involves, dried fruit, marzipan and really….that is just a match made in heaven.

vegan-mango-icecream || cityhippyfarmgirl

This ice cream, as it was a sure hit last summer, and I’m always up for easy crowd pleasing dishes.

Coconut Mango Icecream

In a blender, add two big bananas, one can of coconut milk, 1/3 cup of sugar and whizz it up. Pour it out into a dish and blend some fresh mango. Swirl that in too. Freeze it and either run a fork through every half an hour or so until you are ready to eat it or bring it out about 20 minutes before you want to eat it, running a fork through it, (the banana content should stop it freezing completely solid.)

I think I will have a play with some St Lucia saffron buns. I’ve been making quite a few Cinnamon Buns as they are easy, freezable and everyone enjoys them, but I would like to branch out a little and see how the saffron buns turn out.

custard-tart  recipe || cityhippyfarmgirl

This family favourite will probably get a look in….as really, I’d be crazy not to.

And lastly, sourdough doughnuts. I’ve been planning, and planning this one, working out my best point of attack. I’m going in people, and will not rest until they are sitting plump on the table, surrounding by happy expectant faces….or at least my one satisfied one.


What are you making over the next few weeks?


32 thoughts on “5 recipes I’ll be making over the holiday period

  1. I love stollen! I made it years ago…and maybe I’ll make one again this year as well. I’m making fruit cake (3 of them). Homemade kahlua, tim tam balls, marinated feta…and probably a lot more šŸ™‚


  2. Good morning Brydie, happy Sunday to you. Love your kitchen & your food as always. I am not joking…I have been thinking about experimenting with sourdough donuts as well. Can’t wait to see yours! I am making apricot & vanilla bean jam, zucchini relish, Christmas gift biscuits, fruit mince pies, jam tarts…so much cooking when really I should be doing housework x


    • Oooh, I’m keen to see how you come up with yours Jane. I’m nervous about them but determined. The Byron Bay doughnuts drive me forward. I’ve only ever had them twice and it’s twice I won’t forget. Lets talk more doughnuts next year shall we? šŸ™‚


  3. such lovely looking things in your kitchen brydie..stollen is a big favourite of mine..and i’ve been making cinnamon buns too..i love them too much..snap..been wanting to try st lucia buns as well..i’ve done most of the baking i’ll be doing for christmas..the puddings and cake were made a month ago..but..when my son returns from a 6 month overseas holiday i’m going to crank out some mince pies..the mince is made..i have a pastry recipe i love..and they are my children’s favourite christmas treat..and maybe some homemade vanilla ice cream to go with them..happy sunday dear brydie..x


    • Jane, another blogging friend is currently doing a fruit mince score challenge at his work place. Just looking at the written out score board was very impressive…I do love a healthy dedication to fruit mince pies!
      See you on the other side for the St Lucia buns?


    • Sam that sounds divine! I’d love to be in France for Christmas…or January would be fine too…come to think of it Feb could be good…March would obviously be lovely…April…May….sigh. You get the picture.
      Happy Xmas to you too lovely.


  4. Good to know you have a stollen recipe – I have swithered over making some – usually make cranberry buns for christmas day – wondered about doing them sourdough, also must make more mince pies. Good luck with the doughnuts – it is another recipe I would love to make with sourdough so hope to hear how you go.


  5. Your mango dessert is our kind of summer ice cream. I’m thinking I’d like to try something with cherries. I’m squealing in delight over your sourdough donuts. Please open an online shoppee!


  6. My recipe for stollen made a LOT. All of the neighbours got one. Can’t wait to see your sourdough doughnuts. Hopefully you will be sharing the recipe :). That ice cream looks like the bomb. Gotta try that one with our local cherries. I can get jam cherries (perfect but too big or small for sale) for $2 a kilo less than a kilometer away. I recon that makes them my version of low carbon mile tucker. Pity the coconut cream has so far to travel…


  7. So, so excited. I love stollen, it’s got a special place in my heart (as would that ice cream, should I have a chance to try it!). Merry Christmas Brydie, have a blessed time with your family and a wonderful start to 2015! xxx


  8. Brydie! I am totally late with this, but Merry Christmas, hope that Santa spoilt you and you enjoyed the festive eating and general merry making. I also want to wish you a wonderful 2015, I hope it is filled with all the things you wish for. As for your holiday food making… WOW, that is amazing. Everything looks so wonderful! I didn’t cook anything, decided to be completely selfish and travel and have everything prepared for me. šŸ™‚


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