Rosemary, Thyme and Zucchini Bread- ELC#10

rosemary, thyme and zucchini bread || cityhippyfarmgirl

rosemary, thyme and zucchini sourdough || cityhippyfarmgirl

I’d tried to keep away from the bread for this challenge, but as I’m coming to the end of my year long challenge, it seemed appropriate that a bread dish slipped in.

This bread has actually been made a few times as it seems to hit the spot and eager mouths make short work of it in this household, (which you can’t really ask for much more than that can you?)

Now a big factor in what I make is really what arrives in my vegetable box once a week. I like cooking, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get completely bogged down with the old faithful line of (and lets face it often relentless) …”what are we having for dinner?” Getting a locally sourced vegetable box, helps make that decision, as you really do just have to use what they give you!

So where did it all come from?

Flour- Demeter Mills, Gunnedah

Salt- Murray River Salt

Zucchini- Rita’s Farm, Sydney

Thyme- my window sill

Rosemary- my courtyard

Olive Oil- Lisborne Grove, Hunter Valley

rosemary || cityhippyfarmgirl


 Interested in taking the Eat Local Challenge?

Just how local is local? Well this depends entirely on you. Only you know how you and your family eat. Raise the bar just a little from what you already do. If making sure the majority of your meal includes solely food produced in your country, than make that your challenge. If you want to make it a little trickier, go for produced in the same state…trickier still within 160km.

My aim is to really know where my food is coming from for at least one meal a month, (where I will be posting here in the last week of the month).

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eat local challenge || cityhippyfarmgirl

21 thoughts on “Rosemary, Thyme and Zucchini Bread- ELC#10

  1. I’m definitely wanting to jump on this bandwagon for 2015. I’ve been keenly reading along, you’ve done such a fantastic job Brydie! I actually made some bread like this over the weekend – a rosemary version and a za’atar one which was amazing with hummus. Love the idea of adding zucchini. Gorgeous xx


  2. I am trying to learn how to make as much of our own produce as we can. I even pinned a recipe for how to make salt out of sea water the other day but I am not that motivated yet. I talked to a university lecturer in environmental science a few months ago at a sustainable workshop about eating in season and eating locally. She said that we have it pretty good in Tassie. She and a group of friends and students were doing the locavore challenge and she said that she could get pretty much everything that she needed (aside from spices and some seeds/nuts) from within a 160km range BUT we don’t do a lot of grains here in Tassie and no wheat. It is all imported from the mainland so wheat was completely off the radar for the years duration. She also said that it made her much more aware of the farmers, the producers and the people that are growing her food because she had to go and check them out and find out what they are doing and seek out people that were growing what she wanted to eat. A most interesting and very rewarding challenge. Your foccacia looks awesome. The way my zukes are growing I will be shaving their offspring on just about everything soon. I am not going to waste my zukes this year and I am not going to offload them on my poor long suffering neighbours (there is only so much zucchini that a 92 year old woman can eat! 😉 ) so no placing a carefully and most strategically stacked mountain of zukes on their front verandahs, ringing the doorbell and running away this year! I will be dehydrating slices of zucchini to crisp and powdering it for use in just about everything. I am going to use all of my excess veggies as powdery nutritional goodness to excite my tastebuds over winter 2015.


    • If I could only draw on the imagery I had with your story of strategically stacked zucchinis on 92 year old lady’s doorsteps 🙂 Hahaha!
      I love the story of your university lecturer eating local too. I have often talked on how Tasmania would be pretty darn good if you had to keep things completely locally produced. As for wheat, what about ?


      • Good call on the mill. Hopefully she discovered that ;). I know she is very dedicated to the cause as she lives 20km out of Launceston and rides to work every day on a pushbike and is most passionate about teaching people about how to sustainably navigate their way in today’s society. Had some great chats with her 🙂


  3. That’s a gorgeous looking bread. I love the zucchini and rosemary flavours. Lovely how the rosemary comes from your own courtyard. And yes, the ‘what’s for dinner’ phrase does become a little wearying xx


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