Top 13 Eco friendly Gift Ideas

Top 13 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas || cityhippyfarmgirl

1. Fermenters Starter Pack- scoby’s, sourdough starters etc. Bundle a bunch of your favourite fermented goodies together and some written ‘how to’ instructions.

2. Get baking. Put together a little hand made hamper. Jam’s, biscuits, brownie, cake, pesto, bread, Iced VoVo Cupcakes– the options are endless. If you team that up with a little second hand basket, (always nicer than a gifted pair of synthetic, made in China, novelty boxer shorts…promise.) A little hamper like this is sure to win over your loved ones.

3. A succulent in a vintage teacup I still say is a visual winner. Get creative.

4. Assistent Original– now this is a pricey gift for Christmas, but if you are serious about a kitchen investment that is going to cater for every kitchen whim you have- it’s a worthy investment, as cooking from scratch is a commitment and you want to make it as easy as possible. (For bread baking nerds, look no further… 5 kilos of dough she can handle.)

5. Sign a loved one up for a Milkwood Permaculture course, (or a locally grown Permaculture course in your area.) They will be brimming with inspiration afterwards, and that…is always a good thing.

6. Subscription to your locally based farmer friendly organic fruit and vegetable box.

Bliss honey- south coast NSW || cityhippyfarmgirl

7. A big jar of local honey. Honey can be used as a face wash and natural exfoliant, stirred into your morning chai, or drizzled over toast. Make a list for the recipient of all the things they can do with their sticky prized jar. It really is a sweet idea!

8. Still sweet talking. What about the ultimate gift of a hive of native bees. Your recipient will be beeeside themselves with happiness.

how-to-make-gift-labels || cityhippyfarmgirl

9. Have a peek over at Ecolosophy. They have some wonderful eco friendly, handmade and fairtrade goodies, perfect for all ages.

anzac-biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirl

10. Or you could try… a simple plate, dish or second hand tin from your local op-shop/thrift shop/charity shop. Beautiful one off antique ones can bought for usually just a couple of dollars. Fill the plate with your favourite biscuits and the recipe printed out on the back of the card.

11. Digital Subscription to an inspiring magazine- someone will be jumping up and down with excitement. (Earth Garden Magazine, Great Ocean Quarterly, PiP Magazine, Green Magazine, Slow, Dumbo Feather– they are all wonderful!)


12. For the tea drinker- love chai, love tea and little ginger bread bites for dunking in. A simple present that is 673 times better than buying something bland in a generic department store.

enamelware || cityhippyfarmgirl

13. For the baker, drinker, eater…errr anything really- enamelware. You can’t go wrong, really you can’t.


What are some of your eco friendly gift ideas?


32 thoughts on “Top 13 Eco friendly Gift Ideas

  1. LOVE the succulent in a vintage teacup idea Brydie. My 10 year old has a burgeoning mini cactus crop, and I’m the queen of mismatched vintage tea cups. Just showed him the idea and I reckon we might just do it!
    And yes to enamelware too!


  2. Some great ideas Brydie, thank you! I love the look of your Assistent. Some other ideas are homemade candles in recycled jars, handmade soap, lavender sachets using recycled material, potted plants using cuttings from your garden, something knitted, sewn or crocheted and a worm farm. If people have local markets with handmade goods I think it’s also good to support them. Happy Sunday Brydie xxoo


    • All excellent suggestions Julie. I did hear of a worm farm being given as a wedding present to a couple once, which is 🙂
      I’m doing a few pot plants from cuttings too…although it seems the worm castings that I put in there had different ideas on what I should be growing and have taken over… seems I’m giving rather a lot of tomato plants this year.


  3. love these ideas brydie – especially the second hand basket or plate for giving food. I would love to see a post on eco gift wrapping – I love the photo of the jams with brown paper and string.


  4. Love the succulent in the cup idea. When we inherited Serendipity Farm (“High-field Gardens” back then but 4 acres of overgrown weeds is hardly worthy of that lofty moniker methinks! 😉 ) we also inherited a lot of cups and saucers that my dad had paid a lot of money to collect. The bottom fell out of the market and they aren’t worth much these days but they are very pretty and would make gorgeous planters. Cheers for the idea :). To all my loved ones out there…”sign narf7 up for a Milkwood Permaculture course”. Delete “brimming with inspiration” and insert “falling off her chair with joy, excitement and will probably have to wash her peed pants ;). We have an apiarist at the rear of our block and his bees spend a lot of time at our place. All gorgeous ideas and all sure to make someone “SQUEE!” with delight…(seriously kids, that Milkwood course, “SQUEE!” 😉 )


  5. A lovely list and another reminder that I need some enamel ware. I do love homemade gifts. I’m in the process of making gifts for all the teachers and sporting coaches – they’re all getting things like Christmas cake, festive fruit and nut cakes, shortbread etc. Missed you at the lunch! xx


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