Iced Vovo Cupcakes

iced vovo cupcakes || cityhippyfarmgirl

Mostly this is a household of wholemeal spelt, raw kale salads, buckwheat, sourdough and whatever is fermenting on the benchtop at the time. Occasionally all of that goes out the window and something like the Iced VoVo Cupcake comes along though.

I knew I wanted to make them. I’d been dreaming ofΒ how I would do so, but the right time just hadn’t come along yet.

Then it did.

The time was right and Iced Vovo Cupcakes was a surety.

You might have heard the squeals of delight from the pint sized ones as I put these on the table, (I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard them.)

iced vovo cupcakes recipe || cityhippyfarmgirl

Iced Vovo Cupcakes

150g butter

2 eggs

150g (2/3 cup) sugar

2 tsp vanilla

300g (2 cups) self raising flour

125mls (1/2 cup) milk

Marshmallow Topping

100g marshmallows

small amount of raspberry/strawberry jam

extra desiccated coconut for sprinkling

Cream butter and sugar. Add in vanilla, beaten eggs, and milk together than fold in flour. Bake in lined cupcake tray, 180C for about 25 minutes. (Or until light golden in colour.)

Marshmallow topping

In a bowl, microwave 100g of marshmallows for 30 seconds. The marshmallows will be soft, mix them around a little and then cool for about 5 minutes before you put them in the piping bag. Too hot and they will drip off the cake, too cool and they will just end up a sticky mess. Pipe them on, leaving a small hole for the jam up top. Pop them into the fridge to set them for 10 minutes. Add half a teaspoon of jam into the hole and sprinkle a little coconut on top.

Ready to eat!

iced vovo cupcakes || cityhippyfarmgirl


37 thoughts on “Iced Vovo Cupcakes

  1. Get out of town! My kids would go nuts about those – I am so making them 😍. My food philosophy is lush and real. I made cupcakes for our school’s tuckshop the other day. Organic spelt flour, rapadura sugar, free range eggs, coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil. The icing (as well as cocoa and icing sugar) had butter, coconut oil and coconut milk. Those kids inhaled those cakes like there was no tomorrow πŸ˜„


  2. These are awesome Brydie! I must confess I have never really liked iced vovos – chocolate cherry crowns were my Grandma’s weakness and I still need any marshmallow-y offering to be smothered in chocolate. ( I don’t think we ever got over them being withdrawn from the production line). Have you tried making your own marshmallow? It is fun, and easy, but we discovered they tend to slide off the stick if you try to toast them in the fire!


    • I haven’t made my own marshmallow, my mum used to when we were kids, but I’m yet to step up for that….Just thinking of your roasted homemade marshmallows. Roasted in banana leaves πŸ™‚ and a sizeable spoon to scoop out the warm gooey goodness. It’s the texture that I love when they are roasted, plain, yep I can take or leave, but roasted that’s completely different!


  3. Everything about this is gorgeous Brydie! The colour in your photos is so pretty. I am partial to an Iced Vo Vo and now you have got me thinking about them and reaching for the shopping list! Happy Sunday to you x


  4. I kid you not…Steve called out from the lounge yesterday “what is that squealing sound?” I now know what he was hearing! She made it all the way to Northern Tassie. That’s quite a vocal range ;). Ah iced vovo’s the quintessential Aussie bickie of choice. I remember nana buying lots of biscuits and putting them all into a biscuit tin when we would all visit as a huge tumbling mass on Wednesdays. All of the cousins and sisters and brothers and far flung friends would converge at nana’s house for dinner and before dinner we would all, en masse, raid that poor unprotected biscuit barrel. The very first to go were the iced vovo’s. I rarely got my hot little hands on one as my older male cousins always had 2 each but at least I got into the barrel before I had to make do with the lemon creams…YUK! At the end of a Wednesday visit, there were lots of crumbs in that biscuit barrel and almost a full packet of lemon creams πŸ˜‰


  5. Excellent! What a fantastic idea. Can you hear my squeals from here? I do love iced vovos. They bring back such happy childhood memories. I love how the marshmallows are made from melted marshmallows and that there’s actual jam and coconut to finish them off – such a wonderful glimpse into yesteryear xx


      • They really are so much better than the biscuit aren’t they! I thought long and hard for months beforehand on how I was going to pull it altogether so I’m thrilled you made them and liked them Lorraine πŸ™‚ Hurray for iced vovo cupcakes!
        (I’ve got another version I’m making next weekend…I’m excited already about making them, fingers crossed they work.)


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