for the love of enamelware

enamelware || cityhippyfarmgirlenamelware || cityhippyfarmgirlI recently added to my enamelware collection and I’m loving them as much as the original lot I got last year. Technically I got these for camping, but they have snuck into everyday use as well. They are light, easily stackable, (well not the mugs.) I can also put just about any food in them. Loving that!

The only slight unhappy side, if you drop them, they can chip. While this doesn’t effect their use, to my eyes it’s a constant reminder with the dish in question, of that time I was rather clumsy and dropped a whole strawberry crumble on the kitchen floor…sad face indeed.

strawberries || cityhippyfarmgirl

strawberries || cityhippyfarmgirl

blueberries || cityhippyfarmgirl

How about you? Do you use enamelware? Old stuff or new stuff?

If you look after your pieces (as in don’t drop them from a big height!) I suspect they will last far longer than I will. My grandmother still uses some select items that have been gracing cupboards for over her life time and her mother’s. Far more impressive than my chipped Ikea bowls.


Β If you would like to buy some enamelware, I highly reccommend

Odgers & Mc Clelland, Exchange Stores– Nundle and

The Lost and Found Department.

Both small companies run by some super duper lovely people.



31 thoughts on “for the love of enamelware

  1. I adore my Falcon Ware! I bake my bread in the roasters these days, and have found the extended high heat does mark them up pretty badly, but the pieces I use for regular baking are completely fine. I do find they chip a bit but I don’t mind that at all (then again, I’m notoriously hard on cookware:)).


  2. I had to read this when I saw the title as I love my enamelware too! Just had lots of additions for my birthday – similarly to you, they were meant for camping but I love using them in the garden & kitchen too.


  3. I adore all of my enamel ware! I’d probably buy a lot more if not for the limited cupboard space at our house. I’m yet to drop anything (touch wood!) but I have noticed a bit of discolouration in one of my pie dishes after baking a blueberry crumble. Not that I mind, as I love old/rusted/chipped/discoloured things even more than when they are new!


  4. Yep, I own some too. I love it! The fact, you can drop it (which I don’t) without it braking. I don’t own as many as I used to. I do tend to use them for picnics but I have a baking tray and my lovely kitchen “sieve” that I use almost every day. My Nan had all kinds of pieces which I never thought about keeping when she passed away but I regret that now as they’re great to store things in the fridge if nothing else.


    • The day before I had dropped the strawberry crumble I was thinking,…’jeez, lucky I never drop these things’. I refuse to have thoughts like that again!
      I’ll bet your Nan’s pieces served up a lot of good food in their time.


  5. Love it Brydie, I have both old and new enamel ware. Some is reserved for camping, some is used in our outdoor kitchen and some I use everyday. Some we have picked up in our paddocks…it is beyond using but it makes a lovely display. The strawberries in your red trimmed dish look beautiful x


  6. I do love enamelware and I think every piece I’ve seen has had a chip or two in it somewhere – but the enamelware I’m thinking of has been very old. Enamelware does seem to be making a comeback and I’d love to get some xx


  7. I’ve been eyeing off the Nundle store since your last post but haven’t bought anything yet as I have soooo much bakeware already! Maybe if we do some more camping I can justify it πŸ™‚


  8. Enamelware screams “OUTSIDE!” to me in a big way. We have several enamelware items scattered around the house. The dogs food bowls are enamelware and nothing makes them happier than hearing that clatter of bowls being picked up in readiness to be filled. I picked up some lovely enamelware bowls with unusual morning glory flowers on the outside at the local thrift shop a while ago (4 of them in various sizes, nested) for a dollar total. I love it when other people bypass something that I love :). I dare say you will inherit your grandmother’s enamelware. You either love it or you don’t even see it. Enamelware is only beautiful to some of us, to the mainstream populace it is “old fashioned”. To me it is memories of camping and sitting on stumps on cold mornings with hot enamel mugs of tea and clanking down on tables full of possibilities. Enamelware is part of our Aussie heritage and I am so glad that we can still buy beautiful pieces πŸ™‚


    • It does scream outside doesn’t it. I know exactly that clang of the dog bowl you speak of. It’s camping, it’s picnics, it’s bbq’s and now for my kids it’s strawberry crumble. Our Aussie heritage that unfortunately is now made all in China.


  9. My son was in Scouts for years so we have quite a bit in our camping box. Mugs, bowls and plates. It tends to get a bit tatty when chipped but new stuff is dreamy x


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