Stingless Bees (native bees)

splitting a native bee hive || cityhippyfarmgirl

Last weekend I did a one day course on stingless bees (or native bees) with Tim Heard, through the wonderful Milkwood.

Tim Heard is an expert on all things native bees and along with his friend Tony Goodrich presented a course that I haven’t stopped talking about since.

Stingless Bees are amazingly wonderful and I am so looking forward to going further with this. My courtyard, local school, friends…yes, this is definitely going to happen.

Watch this space I reckon. Stingless bees, let’s do this.


How about you? Are you doing any courses at the moment? Got any experience with bees, native or otherwise? Or would you also like to get a stingless bee hive? for a cracking start to understanding what they are all about.

Jump across to Milkwood for more awesome courses to do.


21 thoughts on “Stingless Bees (native bees)

    • Perhaps something like a ‘bee hotel’ Rose? These attract the solitary bees and give them a wonderful place to call home 🙂 Google images ‘bee hotel’…there are some amazing looking set ups people have done.
      The boxed hives are for the social native bees that are suitable for a hive like the one above. Fascinating creatures 🙂


  1. I did the same course in Newcastle and was similarly inspired! Very excited to notice them in the garden afterwards and can’t wait to expand the population 🙂 Your pictures look different to mine though – was it the Tetragonula hockingsi that you saw?


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