top ten eco friendly gift wrap ideas

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I watched an ad recently where the recipient ripped open their carefully wrapped present to get to the item underneath. I winced, I really did. It seems crazy in todays day, that so many people are still doing this at gift giving time. Sigh… what an incredible waste of paper.

I’ve written about this once or twice before, but here are some wrapping ideas for the festive time of year, (or any old time of year.)

Top 10 eco friendly gift wrap ideas

old maps– I would imagine with technology jumping ahead maps might be a thing of the past in times to come. (I’m still using my old atlas that I saved from the rain on the side of the road.)

newspaper– be selective on your pages used, you can make it look good!

children’s art– if you have a little one at pre-school or just a pint sized Picasso, you may be swimming in craft and paintings- share the love, the grandparents will adore it.

fabric– retro fabrics, tea towels, scarves… the choices are endless. The art of wrapping with fabric goes by the lovely name of furoshiki and you can learn how to do it with these step by step instructions here.

old movie or music posters

how about crocheting a gift bag

chocolate wrappers– yep chocolate wrappers.

maybe a recycled box

or ditch the wrapping altogether and just go with a lovely reusable ribbon and handmade card.

There is no need for sticky tape for any of these options. Wool makes a great pull-it-together-and-make-it-look-prettyย gift giving addition if you need to hold things in.

chocolate wrapping paper- cityhippyfarmgirl


* for more furoshiki instructions, see here.

How about you? Any green tinged wrapping ideas to share?


34 thoughts on “top ten eco friendly gift wrap ideas

  1. I’ve used tablecloths (vintage) and napkins- paper and cloth- one year I used bark from a sycamore tree that curled up right around the gift. I’ve used large green leaves from my hosta plants and parchment paper from the kitchen cabinet. I’ve used crocheted and paper doilies, and re- used boxes that wine came in as well as cigar boxes. Last year I knitted red wool bags with white fluffy tops to look like small santa bags. I’ve used Christmas stockings and fancy small pillowcases. l once made up a pine and fir centerpiece and placed my gift at the center. I like the wrapping and the presentation to be part of the gift.


      • This year I found a great (HUGE) hinged box that is covered with old newsprint.
        I’m filling it with all kinds of wonderful gastronomical and gourmet items and tying it up with a big bow. Once it is opened there will be plenty of goodies for everyone! Everyone can take what they want- so I only have one box to deal with and the box will then be gifted to my sister who collects hinged boxes.


  2. I love the look of the map!
    When I was a kid my mum used to get butchers paper and we would decorate it for wrapping paper. I think I have also used newspaper!
    Some great ides.


  3. Great ideas Brydie. Haha, I was one of those kids who carefully unwrapped each present also, saving the ribbon and paper whilst taking pains not to rip the paper whilst dislodging the sticky tape! Eco girls unite! LOVE the furoshiki idea. I might use the tea towel variation for some of my girlfriends this Christmas… there are never enough in the house! We also consume a lot of locally made Bahen & Co chocolate in our household, website here, which already has the most beautiful paper. I save each one and I’ve stuck a few together to use for Christmas presents this year. Great minds think alike (I think you’d love Bahen and Co, it’s deliciously dark!) xxx


  4. Brydie ~I still cringe about a Xmas when a wise friend ‘played’ Santa! All matters seemed to go so well untill a lady friend whispered in a tone but heard: ‘That is not the way’ . . . seeing my two daugthers ripping the paper off predictable presents at an almost record speed!! Methinks ten minutes after they barely knew what the gifts were and from whom!! We live ~ hopefully we learn!!


  5. I’m trying to be more creative with my wrapping but years ago I bought rolls and rolls and rolls of wrap and clear cellophane from a wholesaler and I’m still using them up – it would seem a travesty to be wasteful and not use them! xx


  6. You really made me think Brydie…I so love wrapping with beautiful paper and twines but the options above are so beautiful. I am going to use up my paper stock and then get a bit more creative and responsible about it!!


  7. I actually love ripping into the paper. As a child in a very poor family, we were made to unwrap oh-so-carefully so my mom could reuse the paper. I don’t buy expensive paper and have used brown paper in the past and twine for ribbon. When given a gift, I always reuse the ribbon!


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  9. Great post, I often use newspaper or find cool pictures in magazine for making wrapping paper. But I also keep all the paper from presents to reuse the following year – its probably a bit frugal but it saves money and the environment.


  10. I’m one of those slow slow unwrapper and always reuse the paper. Love your tips they are all great but I’m partial to Crocheting and sewing gift bags ๐Ÿ™‚ love the map tied with yarn beautiful!.


  11. Totally digging the maps idea. I would think an old encyclopedia or dictionary for the literary minded. Or carving out pages of an old book to put their treasures inside. I saw this really great art where the person used the edges of a book folded to create words in a particular font.

    This year we had a really special family celebration and I want commerate with a picture for everyone. I think I might make the top cover hold the picture and then use the pages to spell out love or family or the like.

    Loved your ideas, Thanks for sharing!


  12. Love your gift wrapping ideas, especially the maps, which I’ve still not managed to do. But my chocolate wrappers are in constant use now and never get thrown away thanks to you – at least not until they are ripped of whatever they are hiding.


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