A Viking at Dawn

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 A Viking at Dawn

(If you squint your eyes you could pretend it was a cold morning in Scandinavia somewhere.)


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Experimenting with making Viking Mead

Baking Viking Cinnamon Buns


sea scenes

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Great Ocean Quarterly. Technically I got this subscription for someone else. Technically I should wait until these pages have been devoured by another before I devour them myself…technically.

(I’ve never been much good at technical things really.)


First Light

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If I was starting another blog from scratch again, I think I would name it something watery like “Webbed Feet”….well, maybe not that one. Maybe, “The Old Sea Dog”. A blog entirely made up of photos and stories from the sea. A tiny corner to put my salty thoughts, and damp wonderings.

In lieu of having another blog entirely dedicated for my love of the ocean, I do get to sooth my cool water needs with some posts within here and reading this beautiful magazine– Great Ocean Quarterly.

If there is a part of you that yearns for the ocean, a desire for sand beneath toes, rocks by your side and a secret tiny longing for a merpersons tail, than this the magazine for you.*

It’s divine. Every. Single. Page.

There is no other magazine like it.

For the blog readers here, who are also salty people of the sea. This link is for you. A peek into how the article First Light was done in the magazines first edition.

Magic. Pure salty tinged magic.


* I get nothing for mentioning this beautiful magazine, except for the knowledge, that I’ve passed on to someone else who also likes the feeling of dipping their toes into the salty wet good stuff. 

loving right now

Loving right now

Spring like days, with the warmth of the sun on your back


Lying still, body and mind

Blood orange season starting

Long talks with distant friends

Comfortable chats with close by friends

The anticipation of a new album

Hearing Monkey Boy quietly read a story to Little Monkey. Slowly sounding out the tricky words

Being able to walk to a blue ocean,

and breathing her in


What are you loving right now?