May was the month

May is one of my favourite months of the year. With summer long gone, and autumn colours dotted throughout, looped scarves have found their way again. Here, changes were many in the month of May, (and not just scarves.) Beginnings and endings, scratchy throats and prizes, farewells and fabulousness. May was the month for all of that.

May was the month, when I excitedly got to see my Head On landscape finalist picture hanging in some pretty swish surroundings at NSW Parliament. It was also when I got to shake hands with a few politicians having just won the president prize. It’s this pic if you are curious.)

May was the month my dear fabulous friend Fran, finished her epic Camino di Santiago journey on the other side of the world. After walking 800kms in 28 days to raise money and awareness for the education of girls in Sierre Leone and Uganda. I’m pretty darn proud to say I know this rockin’ woman, because she really is, all kinds of fabulousness.

May was the month, I hung some of my works from The Sunrise Swimmers in a totally new space. As part of Arts for Health at John Hunter Hospital, some prints from the collection are now hopefully distracting anxious loved ones outside of operating theatres. Sidetracking patients going into wards, and sharing a few everyday stories with people rushing by. I’m honoured to be a part of this program, and truly hope in the three months the pictures will be hanging, that they lighten someones day if only for a minute.

May was the month when the sea water got cooler and the crowds dropped off, May was also the month when I questioned (just briefly) my decision on swimming through winter.

May was finally the month that the garden got a better look in. Not quite the pumping of produce that I’d hoped it might be at this time of year. However with a little recent rain and some gritted determination, maybe June will be the month for the garden.

How about you? How was your May?

Or June, how’s that month lining up?

8 thoughts on “May was the month

  1. I am a May baby and May is my favourite month too. Crisp mornings, sunny days and back yard fires. I am also hoping June will be the month for my garden…


  2. Hello Brydie. What a fabulous month for you! Just as Deirdre said, that picture is superb and I love the sound of the hospital exhibition. Anything to makes hospitals feel more human! Good luck in the garden, mine is not pumping either, more gently ticking over x


    • I think gently ticking over is a little more realistic Jane, and I’m actually ok with that as after the summer it was just dead, dead, dead. Tumbleweed rolling through kinda thing. Ticking over is all good, at least it’s green tinged.
      (Thanks for the kind words of happenings round these parts too. x)


  3. Awesome pictures, well done you. I love May too is such a nice time to be out working on the property. The flowers have lasted a bit longer this season much to the joy of the little birds….wrens & honey eaters & yellow chested robins. Thanks for sharing the journey. I’m looking forward to lighting a fire around the old bath tub out in the paddock filling it to the brim with fresh water from the dam & soaking up all the warmth I can over the winter….that is after all the chores are done & at least one thing off my list of projects completed!


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