Fire Breathing Fire Cider

Four years I’ve been making this stuff now and I still whole heartedly stand by it. As an immune system booster, as a tasty salad dressing, and also as a general dinner pep up- fire cider has pretty much got you covered.

While new recipes on might have trickled down, the whole food eating emphasis is still very much the basis of our everyday. This recipe is one of those basics that’s been incorporated into being a regular one.

Now, I’ve done recipes for this potent number in a number of different places over the years, but one little place I haven’t done it, is here. So for both my own reference sake, and for anyone else looking for an easy go to immune system superhero booster.

There is…Fire Cider.

If by chance you’ve already come down with a viral beast, or just want to taste some first before giving it a go yourself, Hilbilby Fire Tonic is excellent. While I have recently done some photography work with their products, anyone that has read these pages over the many years would know, I don’t mention things unless I wholeheartedly love it, and I do. Fire Cider no matter how it comes to you, really is awesome.


Fire Cider (super immune system booster)

Ingredients you’ll need:

Equal parts- ginger, garlic, turmeric, onion (with optional extras chilli) Quantities will vary depending on the amount you want to make.

Apple cider vinegar

1 Lime/Lemon peel (no need to chop)

*Where possible possible use organic ingredients.

In a large clean glass jar, add chopped ingredients, and top up with apple cider vinegar until bulk ingredients are well covered with the liquid. Add your lid, (if it’s a metal one, add a piece of baking paper as the vinegar can sometimes erode.)

Leave the mixture on a darkened bench for 2-4 weeks, with a once every 24 hours agitation this just means swish it round a bit when you are walking past.

With a sieve, strain your mixture into a clean glass bottle. Drink daily as a super immune booster or several times a day if you are feeling a bit under the weather. Start with a small amount and building up to half a shot glass.

Can be used as a kick arse salad dressing if drinking it straight is a bit strong for you.


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7 thoughts on “Fire Breathing Fire Cider

  1. Thanks for the recipe will definitely try it, it is our winter now & I ended up with a touch of the flu first time in 15yrs or more I cant even remember when I had it last. I’m fine now it was just weird.
    So much interference now with the natural growth process of foods, they are loosing their nutritional value. Go Organic for sure. Thanks again.


    • Go organic, as fresh as possible and also know your products before chopping these babies up. There is nothing more disappointing than letting it steep for a couple of weeks to find, the chilli wasn’t hot enough and the ginger was tasteless, (I speak from experience.)


  2. I’ve never made fire cider, though do make a little draught when needed. I love the idea of steeping it… it would be outrageously delicious come two weeks later!


  3. Thanks fo the recipe…I have requested that the Boatshed Markets in Cott order in some Horseradish as I really wanted to add it in. They should have it in store by Wednesday.


  4. Wonderful. I’ll have to make some. Remember to drink through a straw or rinse your mouth very well after drinking Apple Cider Vinegar… otherwise it can damage the enamel on your teeth quite badly (I’ve learnt this from recent experience!)


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