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Great Ocean Quarterly. Technically I got this subscription for someone else. Technically I should wait until these pages have been devoured by another before I devour them myself…technically.

(I’ve never been much good at technical things really.)


18 thoughts on “sea scenes

  1. I am in love. Head over heels in love with that last image. As a person who was born near a beach I need to touch base regularly with one. I now live just around the corner from the sea on a salty river so I get enough of a salty tang to the air that I breath to keep me sane. That image has me delighted in more ways than I can possibly mention here in a single comment. Cheers for sharing it Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. I must admit that it is only 5.23am and after I clicked your ‘(star) Like’ button to herald my admiration for said image and post I was bemused to note that ‘You and 4 other buggers like this’. Might be time to get myself those trendy hipster glasses I have been looking at furtively and in a most sideways way…sigh…


    • hehe…love it and how very “Australian’ of wordpress to write that. I think it could be a thing Ms Narf. Surely :-)…or maybe just get your eyes seen to…just briefly!

      (and glad you liked the pic. There is something about the sea that just gets me. Every. single.time.)

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  2. You wouldn’t be the first to: read a mag before you give it away, listen to a CD before you gift it, read a book (well maybe just part of it) before you wrap it as a present. Sharing is part of the experience of giving after all! x


  3. I just want to slip straight into that ocean bath and swim a few laps before my kids wake up. Could I, possibly? And happy bloggy-versary too, Ms Farmgirl. Five years, well played. x


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