loving right now

Loving right now

Spring like days, with the warmth of the sun on your back


Lying still, body and mind

Blood orange season starting

Long talks with distant friends

Comfortable chats with close by friends

The anticipation of a new album

Hearing Monkey Boy quietly read a story to Little Monkey. Slowly sounding out the tricky words

Being able to walk to a blue ocean,

and breathing her in


What are you loving right now?

29 thoughts on “loving right now

  1. We’ve just spent the most glorious day outside with Pete’s brothers and sisters – in this Sydney weather, it’s pure bliss! Huge seafood platter following a trek to the fishmarkets this morning! Glad to hear your weekend is equally as fine.. šŸ™‚


  2. I’m loving my first trip to Feather and Bone this morning and the goodies now sitting in the fridge. My trip to Harkola to buy more baking ingredients. The kneading of my first soy and linsead loaf.

    I’m not loving the fact I had too much to drink last night or that I have to do my UK Tax Return.


  3. I wish we had a ocean like that on the doorstep. I’m loving the gladioli Mitch gave me from her allotment, the company of my sister and nephew, anticipating going to the circus on Sunday, Giffords doing War and Peace, a large mug of Miles’s tea and the early quiet of the day.

    Wish this throat infection would go though….


    • Sounds wonderful Joanna, every part except the throat infection šŸ˜¦ My minor cold stepped up a notch today, it’s no throat infection, but I can hear the couch whispering sweet nothings to me…
      Hope the circus was loads of fun.


  4. Those photos, particularly the second one, are stunning.

    Right now I loved reading this post.

    I’m also savouring time spent reading in bed, sourdough adventures in the kitchen and the sheer happiness that comes with valuing that and those around me.


  5. I’m loving sitting with my feet up, drinking a glass of bubbly. The poor feet have spent all to long holding up my bulk at the local farmers market this morning and yesterday all day baking baking.


  6. I love this post- the pictures- the music video (thanks for sharing the link!!) – finishing off the marbled rye from this week as this morning’s toast- fresh roasted coffee- talking with my sons early and late-(up to 2 AM with the youngest and waking to an 8AM call from my older son- listening to his children and wife happily engaged in breakfast in the background. planning another excursion to the east coast in August- to visit older son’s family and to see the Atlantic ocean again. The anticipation of what this day will bring… loving the life that I live!


  7. I am loving the adventure we are on at the moment. Different people, cultures, places, foods and experiences.

    Your photos look beautiful. So much to be enjoying.


  8. Right now I’m loving your photographs! Your camera eyes are superb, Brydie.

    I’m also loving cheesy 70’s crochet books from op-shops, fresh lemons for making butter with (hopefully!), sunshine and dry firewood.

    Hope your weekend was a goody šŸ™‚


  9. We spent yesterday at a marina on the Solent, listening to the breeze sing through the riggings on the yachts while P. and I whispered holiday plans over a cup of coffee.


  10. Right now I’m enjoying a little peace and quiet after everyone has left for the day and before I start going about my chores.
    Sitting in bed with the laptop and a cup of tea – happiness.


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