in the mess of my kitchen lies…

sticky cupboard doors and splattered bench tops,

but look beyond that and you’ll find

marmalade || cityhippyfarmgirl

Β a few jars of lime marmalade

sweet dough || cityhippyfarmgirl

Apple and sultana dough ready to be divided into rolls. Easy thing to go into lunch boxes for small ravernous people.

Christmas Tea || cityhippyfarmgirl

Tea. Not just any tea either but Christmas Tea. Now I’m not known for straying from my favourite tea, (as it’s the best and why would I?) But Christmas Tea? Well I had to give it a crack didn’t I. And bought in one of the best country bakeries I’ve been to in Nimmitabel.

apple crumble || cityhippyfarmgirl

The winter staple of Apple Crumble is back. Taking pictures of said apple crumble must be done in haste. Or small airplanes are discarded and sticky little fingers attack. And quickly too.

pears || cityhippyfarmgirl

Seasonal pears are lining up.

smokey eggplant || cityhippyfarmgirl

And if I wanted to avoid the mess inside, I just send it outside… I do love eating outside. All the rules are left at the backdoor. I like that.


What’s been happening in your kitchen lately?

Linking in with the kitchen Queen Celia.


54 thoughts on “in the mess of my kitchen lies…

  1. i think i always say the same thing in response to your posts sorry to be repetitive but love it all..x


  2. I love when the little one’s soccer is in Nimmitabel so I can get a treat and coffee from the bakery!!! The best compliment a mama can have is little sticky fingers:) Such warm and welcoming home cooking here.


    • Lucky thing Zena. I think I did a tiny frenzied happy clap on entering that bakery. So much good stuff to choose from, and obviously I wasn’t the only one who thought so as the place was packed.


  3. I love the look of your apple and sultana mix – how lovely for your children to take to school a home-baked bun! I also love the look of your Christmas Tea – I’d love to know what’s in it and how practical that you can drink it not just at Christmas time xx


  4. Im a big tea fan and would love to know what is in the Christmas Tea πŸ™‚ I’m also loving the new season pears and the different fruit crumbles that have come out of my kitchen… they are so easy and seem to please everyone! Thanks for sharing!


  5. My family has been begging for apple crumble too Brydie- your yummy photo has definitely convinced me it’s about time! Lovely goodies x


  6. Christmas tea….anything with the word Christmas in it has got to be good. I have been to that bakery on the way to somewhere and when I got to the bakery I just wanted to stay there forever.
    I have made spelt spinach fettucine in my kitchen just recently – my kitchen looked like the Swedish chef’s from the muppets with flour everywhere – but the pasta was sooooo worth it.


      • Spelt fettucine was awesome .My son was very happy because it was the first time he has been able to have pasta that he didn’t react to .It seemed to be slightly more sticky than normal pasta – but I think I should have rested it overnight in the fridge before I started working with it.Worth a try!


  7. Lovely pictures, but the pears are my favorite. Made homemade pizza last night and some dessert bars that turned out surprisingly yummy, since I deviated from the recipe.


  8. I love the colder weather for all it’s coziness and crumbles. Must get my hands on some of that Christmas tea. And I’m all for cooking and eating outside where you can close the fly-screen on the mess. Thanks for the tour.


  9. Again – beautiful photo’s of everyday things. Christmas tea is just a wonderfully spicy taste of christmas. I have such special memories of christmas tea from the wiennacht machts in Germany (along with happy memories of mulled wine!). I hope you enjoy it. My kitchen is overrun with asian grourdes (loofas) which I exhuberantly planted in abundance three months ago (ooops). So I’ve been busy cooking all sorts of freezable dishes from Ratatouille, Moussaka and curried vegies. I posted by lasted gaden haul at


    • Tamara you mean Christmas Tea is a ‘thing’? And I have just been under a rock and never discovered it before? Anything German related, (especially gluhwein) and I’ll happily be a part of it.


  10. That pear photo is just so beautiful and those stems are very humourous. Love your apple baking – I like the idea of apple and sultana rolls in the lunchbox – I have been making seeded sourdough bread which is very good in the occasional sandwich but I suspect apple rolls might appeal more for school lunch


  11. Your kitchen looks anything but a mess. More of a bit of heaven- the pears,the tea, the bread dough and the crumble with little hands in it- precious!
    I can’t get over the beauty of your photos, Brydie. You have a great eye, a good perspective and a steady hand-one feels like one is entering into your pictures rather than viewing them.


    • Muah! Heidi. I just planted a big fat kiss on your cheek. Thank you. I do have a lot enjoyment trying to get the right angle for the food. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but it makes me ridiculous happy when it does. Hearing your perspective of entering the shot rather than viewing them, makes me incredibly happy as that’s what I really do try and do. xx


  12. I bow to queen Celia πŸ™‚ I have been dealing with my mountain of hurridly harvested pumpkins (lest the bush rats scoff the lot) and made pumpkin and date butter to be used over the coming weeks in my buckwheat porridge. I will be making more today as I hardly seem to have made a dent in my pumpkin population even though I also roasted a HUGE baking tray full, made a 20 litre stockpot full of pumpkin and veggie soup and more. I will turn this next batch of pumpkin and date butter into pumpkin and date fudge as I am making tahini and coconut butter today and will combine all 3 ingredients to make homemade vegan (most delicious) fudge. I was gifted 10kg of quinces and although Stevie-boy doesn’t like quinces he is willing to try them in liquid form so today I grate 26 large quinces and will start the fermentation process for quince wine. Been busy here and even though I harvested the pumpkins the possums came right up onto the deck to a folding table where I have been storing them (in the close proximity of Earl, mind you!) to snack on them! I tasted some yesterday and the bush rats and possums are right…they are delicious! πŸ™‚


    • Grating 26 large quinces?…I think I may have whimpered a little then. But fermenting them? That makes it so worth it. Oh I hope that works for you. The colour should be divine.
      I hope your possums spot some greener pastures too, (or tastier pumpkins) that’s just rude eating right under Earl’s nose.


  13. The lime marmalade looks oh so edible. And I could do with a bite of bun myself right now. I’m feeling a bit domestically inspired and might see if I can whip up a bun (or several) for my small person πŸ™‚


  14. Hi Brydie,
    Semester is finally almost done and dusted…yippee time for other stuff. But meanwhile the boys have exam block coming up and I feel like baking some really yummy but wholesome cookies or muffins. Thinking some dried fruit, macadamia nuts, maybe some good chocolate, etc. Any tips?.
    Off to Bangalow Farmers Markets on Saturday am. Can I pick anything special up for you?
    Hope the clan are all well,
    Love Kate


  15. Your kitchen looks so lovely, warm and calm. An apple and sultana roll with a mug of Christmas tea sounds like heaven! xx


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