chasing the sun

A nudge awake at 5am.

A frantic run towards the coast.

No buses.

Just have to leg it.

Wait sun!

Wait until I get closer to raise your sunny head above the horizon.

Please wait…I’m coming.

Chest heaving, legs running.

It feels so good. The Monkeys are still tucked up in bed, their Dadda can whisper the good mornings today.

It’s 5am, and it’s my time this morning.

My time to chase the sun…

32 thoughts on “chasing the sun

  1. That final photo is just so beautiful. I caught it too, having just come back from the beach where so many people have already caught maybe a bit too much – there will be a lot of sunstroke in Sydney town tonight. I can feel the advent of proper watermelon season.


  2. That is so uplifting. I am going to the beach on Tuesday- but I’m not sure if the sun will be there waiting for me. If it is I will take some pictures for you of a wintry beach at daybreak.


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