Spiced Indian Potatoes- Frugal Friday

Spiced Indian Potatoes

in a pan take

a good double slurp of vegetable oil

pop in

1 diced onion

2 tps cumin

2 tps coriander

2 tps tumeric

(if you have them 2 tps mustard seed, black or brown)

1 knob of diced fresh ginger

2 cloves of diced garlic

gently cook all these ingredients, letting the spices waft around the kitchen tantalizing your taste buds

Now pop in 4 roughly cubed medium sized potatoes, (you can partly cook them in the microwave beforehand just to make the process quicker. Only partly cooked though, you don’t want mush.) Stir it round, spices and onions coating the potatoes. Done when the potatoes are soft when pierced through.

Serve with a dollop of natural yoghurt, and a seasonal salad.

Easy dinner for Frugal Friday.

24 thoughts on “Spiced Indian Potatoes- Frugal Friday

  1. Can I please be your for a week? Never mind I don’t want to be you I just want to live with you for a week. I love your recipes, and this is one DH will like because it has his 2 favorite spices Cumin and Tumeric…… let me tell you about tumeric in tuna salad. It goes something like this “Dear why is my tuna yellow” “Because it is, just eat it?” bite, chew, think…. “So do you like it?” “I guess so, but why is it neon yellow?” “Uhmm the top came of the tumeric container when I was adding it to the tuna…..” “Oh, (thinks I wonder if Tumeric is deadly in high volumes) mmmm” Bite, chew some more swallow, worry….


  2. I was just thinking that Heidiannie – i have just discovered how easy it is to make naan. Thank you cityhippy! I love this sort of recipe as I like it as a meal and it’s a great side for those who think they can’t live without meat for a couple of days.


  3. That sounds absolutely wonderful! Although I suspect the motivation for this dish was as a sub for meat, my first thought on reading this post was of the leftover lamb in my fridge – with all those wonderful spices, I’m thinking that adding some diced up roast lamb, and a goodly amount of yogurt will perhaps add a new perspective to it – How bad could it be?


  4. U-huh, uhuh, this looks yummmy! And what’s better, I think it would please ‘everyone’ in the house! I just pulled our first potatoes for this year out of the ground today – a very tasty way to use some of them up 🙂


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