a fairy sunrise

 There is always something magical about watching a new day start. Watching the light change, the silence…followed by the new day sounds.

The shadows shift. Every blade of grass glistens with a night time story. Webs are shown off, with gentle subtle perfection.

Surely this is where tales of fairies emerge. Dainty toes traipsing across silken lines. Single dew drops to wash clean tiny fairy faces.

Soft sunlight pushing the shadows away.

This is where it begins.

36 thoughts on “a fairy sunrise

  1. That first photo instantly made me think of Charlotte’s web. Speaking of which it’s a great story to revisit as an adult – so much death imagery!

    I too love my mornings sat up in bed, waking up hours before I need to (dammit!) and savouring the start of the new day as the sun rises. Doing it from the vantage point of your photos is another thing entirely!


  2. What uplifting photos Bridie. Ah, reminds me to start the day differently tomorrow. Today I got up in the dark whilst the kids slept and plugged myself straight into my computer. The stark opposite of the dawn your photos show. But today those emails had to be sent… tomorrow is another dawn and day.


  3. Where are the spiders? Are they special enormous Australian ones?

    No they can’t be made by spiders, I think you’re right – the little people have been at work – what beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them, dew drops and light and sparkles and days full of promise – where were you when you took these?


    • I was on the south coast of NSW, and we had been visiting for the school holidays. My big reconnecting with nature week…breathe in…and out.
      No big spiders for those webs. I suspect it was a actually quite a small one. The big ones, are more like being enveloped by a large sticky tablecloth- errr, the web that is, not the spiders.


  4. Spiderwebs glistening in the morning dew are my favourite part of early mornings. I gave the youngest a beautifully illustrated storybook for her birthday with tales about ‘rose fairies’ and I’m sure you’ve captured their secret meeting places with your gorgeous pictures. 🙂


  5. I -like Joanna – was looking for your giant Australian spiders, hoping they weren’t dragging away the monkeys to ransom them for jelly snakes! Those are very beautiful webs- but it would be my misfortune to step into one before I saw it.
    Did you see any fairies? I think you need good peripheral vision to actually visualize them.
    Thanks Brydie- you have got my imagination going full tilt!


  6. Lovely photos, very special time morning. Pity I am always in bed at that time. My hubby tells me of the beautiful ones he sees when he gets up for work but I sleep thru. I should make the effort.


  7. Beautiful photos 🙂 Early morning is definitely my favourite time of day. Being on the other side of the country, sunset is easier to watch and photograph than sunrise (the former is over the ocean, the latter over city buildings!) but I still love mornings.


  8. What a lovely little faery tale! I love spider webs when they covered in rain or dew drops. A superb expression of nature’s art. This is a gorgeous post – soft, creative and full of promise x


  9. Breathtaking. My favourite time of day. This is at the time where the universe is vibing you with all of its possibilities, and this is the time of day where you believe it is all possible.


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