patching it up

I still haven’t quilted properly. Not a full size one anyway. But I am loving this whole patchwork business. What’s not to like about cutting little scrappy pieces of fabric up, stitching them together and making something useful or enjoyable (or both!)ย Doona covers still don’t sound as exciting as a quilt, but for these three purposes they suited me better. So covers it was.

The hippy one (top- just in case you weren’t sure) screams flared pants, orange flowered coffee cups and …excuse me a minute while I part my hair down the middle, plait it and then go afro Mr Chocolate’s hair up. I can very much deal with that, as well… it says it all in the blog title doesn’t it?

These two scream practical. Two Monkey doona covers that were either old and very unexciting or unexciting and looked old. Either way, a doona cover suited their The Monkey’s sticky fingers over a quilt and a little upcycling was in order. Chop, chop, chop… and we are in Monkey business.

Now, what else can I cut up and turn into something else?….

24 thoughts on “patching it up

  1. I love the Hawaiann fabric on the edges of the last one!
    I’m not good at machine sewing, so these look so good to me!
    I love patchwork that includes fabric with memories.
    And doona covers? Perfect for little fingers!


  2. I’ve tried my hand at quilting, made one or two and still have a shelf of fabric waiting to prove my commitment – mind you, that was 12 years ago. Oh well, it won’t go off!
    When I had my last baby, my aunt made a quilt for her out of some of her old dresses, including some very bold patches from the ’70s. She would really have approved of that top quilt of yours!


  3. The first quilt is very funky, well done! My mum was a wonderful patchwork quilt artist and I was lucky to be gifted a few from her that I treasure. I can’t use a sewing machine at all – I think the Home Economics subject at school really put me off sewing. I would love to learn now though.


  4. Hee I just had to look up doona, I have learnt so much Aussie vocab since I have been blogging. We called them ‘eiders’ when I was a kid and no one had them in England, just sheets and blankets My mum brought them over from Sweden for us.Your new covers look fabulous. I wish I had the patience and the ability to use a sewing machine, I’ve tried but, I just end up in a tangle like that boy in Peanuts who used to go round in a cloud of dust. Lucky Monkeys sleeping under quiits covered in Mama love ๐Ÿ™‚


    • That patience and ability certainly wasn’t present the whole time I was making the hippy one. There were quite a few frustrated stomps out of the room, to regroup brain cells.

      The language differences are funny aren’t they ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Very creative…and brave to just dive in and cut things up (and re-patch them together ofcourse). I would worry that I would abandon the project right after the cut up stage and before the create anything stage! When your family starts looking a little panicked when they see you approach with scissors in hand, you will know you have gone too far. Until then enjoy the power and creative freedom! ๐Ÿ™‚


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