making stuff…it really does feel good

Making stuff.

Bless my Birkenstocks it feels good. This last long weekend saw a flurry of sewing machine action, as I wasn’t home and distracted by the usual distractions. Instead distracted by these.

Β Lap top cover. New lap top, needs new lap top cover. Thanks to this lovely lady, I wanted to make my own. Thanks to my mum’s 40 years of sewing expertise I didn’t throw it all in, after a hissy fit when the needle got stuck, the foot got stuck, and the foam got stuck. (Foam sandwiched between the fabric). A bit of granny geek going on here… I think it needs some crochet action on it though. Crocheted triangle or flower?

Grey cowl for my bandito Monkey Boy who stood still long enough for a slightly fuzzy photo.

Green cowl for my bandito Little Monkey who wouldn’t stand still and thought it was hilarious I could only take a really fuzzy photo.

Β Quilting. I get it, I so get it. I understand why people get hooked on stitching little scrappy pieces of fabric to other little scrappy pieces of fabric. I only managed a doona cover last time, but this time it’s quilted. It’s tiny. Possibly the tiniest new baby quilt you will ever see, but I did it, and I’m itching to do more. (Sarah, if by chance you are reading this, close your eyes and forget you ever saw it.)

Making stuff…. it really does feel good.

38 thoughts on “making stuff…it really does feel good

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask my mum to make me a laptop cover, but being in different country it is quite tough to do the ‘fittings’.

    It would be a bit of a disaster if I tried to do it myself!


  2. I love making stuff, and I need a new laptop cover too. Oh yes. I didn’t know I needed one until I saw yours, but now I really, really do. πŸ™‚ Beautiful warm Monkeys, you’re a good mama, but the quilting…aaah…I’ve never gone down that route, because I know that my house would then be full of millions of fat quarters…hahaha (PS. your baby quilt is tres beautiful!)


    • The laptop cover started out as a quilted one, I was even half way through it until I spotted the brown suede and decided to change it. That house you describe Celia? Yeah, that could be mine down the track…we’ll see if the happy quilting feeling stays, I hope it does!


  3. ‘Tis true- making stuff feeds the soul. Your laptop case looks fab- chic but homey. I’d be tempted to put a crochet flower on, but thats because I can do them now πŸ™‚
    Lovely quilt too, like celia I can’t get into it for fear it will take over my life!


  4. You are so clever! And what cheeky monkeys you have there!

    I have never real been a patchwork fan, some I admired because of the detail, but I never really got into it… but then, I see quilty things on blogs, and read quite a few of the Elm Creek Quilt books, and got an inkling to make a throw rug for the lounge (couldn’t find one to buy) and why not a patchwork one in really nice fabrics. Then you posted about your quilted doona cover and I loved the idea of putting together the fabrics of my own choosing, making something long lasting & worthwhile, that will give me endless satisfaction every time I see it… so, maybe I should get off the laptop & start cutting some more 15cm squares and have fun putting them out to try a design on my new carpet, while the kids are at school!!


  5. the quilt is gorgeous…and i love the laptop cover.

    as for the birth film…he’ll be supporting me and hopefully filming. i’m sure we’ll find a balance somehow but i’m not getting my hopes up for the best-ever footage. last time i batted the camera out of his hand so who knows….


  6. You are an inspiration!
    I had my 3 YO grandson last week and I couldn’t get anything grownup done!
    We made playdough and painted and played and played!
    A great time- but I can’t remember how I managed to DO stuff whilst I had children under my care.
    Oh well- I had a wonderful time and so did he.


    • That’s what Grandma’s are for Heidi, not to be distracted by other stuff and undivided attention on playdough!
      There is no way I could have done that much sewing if I was at home. The sewing machine doesn’t even venture out as not enough time and too many ‘helping’ hands. I was at my mum’s and the boys were distracted themselves by other more exciting things.


  7. I was jut saying over the weekend to some friends that I cannot wait to get home to knit and crochet again! Sewing is also still new to me and more often than not I need my Mom on the phone guiding me through a lot of the process or just wait until she is visiting and sew with her then. Your quilt is going to keep a new baba warm and snuggly.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy


  8. Brr! I hope you aren’t wearing your Birkenstocks at the moment!

    Lovely creations, laptop cover I like very much. Have you had a look at Attic24 and also Crochet with Raymond (both great crochet blogs)? You may find them useful for when you are deciding what to adorn the cover with.

    Cheeky monkeys are looking so very cosy! And your patchwork blanky! How sweet is this!! Clever girl.


    • Birkenstocks and socks? πŸ™‚
      Too funny, a non blogging friend linked Crochet with Raymond to me just this week. Amazing stuff. I’ll have to have a look at the other one too.
      The quilt…I feel there may be a whole lot more to come…


  9. You clever thing. I love the unique laptop cover. I reckon I would love to sleep under a patchwork quilt but I will be darned if I am ever going to make one. I still haven’t attempted the bread. Don’t be mad. I am planning… x


  10. Brydie you are magnificent. Love all that sewing. The quilt is divine, very non-trad which I love! Wish I had a sewing mum nearby to fix my machine dramas. Also dud you use a pattern for the cowls or make it up? Care to share? I’d like to make one! (it’d make me feel good to make something functional for once:))


    • Ah, the non traditional quilt look is care of stuffing up and then having to right it πŸ™‚ You learn by the mistakes eh.
      The cowl, no pattern. Material is sitting length ways, (rectangle) then both long sides folded to meet in the middle. Short sides joined together and sewn in a circle (about 2/3rds) then pulled inside out and hand sew the last part. (Now if that makes sense your a genius. But I can’t think of another way to describe it!…)


  11. I’m with you, Brydie, on the buzz of making stuff – it is very gratifying. And at least I know that whatever I knit, stitch or machine sew isn’t going to clog up my arteries or sit forever on my waist and bum – unlike whatever I make in the kitchen.


  12. I wish for your craftiness (provided I didn’t have to go within cooee of the sewing machine – my nemesis!) All I have made this weekend is a dolly house by cutting windows and doors out of a cardboard box – oh and a bit of baking πŸ™‚

    love the laptop cover – please show us if it gets some crochet decoration – sounds wonderful


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