chocolate and strawberries

Chocolate and strawberries…

Strawberries and chocolate…

There is a lot to like with those combinations.

Lots of ideas, lots of variations to play with…. whatever you do though…don’t do anything like the very average cake I made. Good quality dark chocolate, check. Lovely tasty strawberries whizzed up to make a beautiful red mush, check. Combined together to make a cake that Little Monkey and I refused to eat, Monkey Boy ate very slowly and Mr Chocolate asked whether he had to finish it? Not a success…nope not at all.

Never mind, we still have strawberries and chocolate.

I also finally finished a crocheted hat in strawberry and chocolate colours. Still learning, still trialing, but now I can wear my funny lumpy warm efforts. Chocolate alpaca wool from my mums alpacas, spun by my mum, crocheted by me, and keeping my ears warm. Along with my fingerless gloves, (in strawberry and chocolate.) Lessons learnt…. alpaca wool is lovely and warm, it’s good to make stuff, and taking a picture of your hand and head is hard…quite hard.

Never mind, we still have strawberries and chocolate.

23 thoughts on “chocolate and strawberries

  1. Mmmmm… strawberries & chocolate! Your cake looked fine, shame it didn’t get so great reviews 😦

    Your crochet looks great! Did you use a pattern for your beanie? I’m thinking of making one (I am a newbie /beginner but can do the basics)
    Well done!


  2. Delightful combinations, aren’t they! Who would’ve thought the cake wouldn’t be a go-er with a combination like this.
    The mix works perfectly for your winter woollies though, homespun alpaca..balm for the soul to work with – your mum must be so pleased to see your creations! 🙂 it true that alpaca is actually warmer than sheeps wool? I’ve also heard that it is great for people who itch..because it doesn’t! (?)


  3. You are too funny! I’m still trying to figure out how you took a photo of your head and your hand… 🙂

    I never have luck with cooking strawberries in cake, they always seem to go watery. Strawberry jam, now that’s a whole different story! 🙂


    • Actually the strawberry part was the better part of the whole thing. I should have done a chocolate cake with strawberry jam on the inside though, that would have been better I think. Next time…

      And the photo? 152 photos from different angles finally got it 🙂


  4. Cooking can be like that! Some success and some failures but always looking forward to the next time you try it again but in a different way. I do think it is a wonderful combo though


  5. I think I would have eaten it…looks really tasty! I agree with the strawberry and chocolate pairing – horse and carriage and all that. I love strawberries dipped in chocolates, and they look so good too. Hat and gloves look amazing! Is it a natural dye, the colours are so lovely and soft.


    • Thanks Chutney and Spice.
      Trust me it wasn’t. Nothing tasty about it at all, and my standards aren’t particularly high. The wool colours come from two different alpacas for the browns- the photo doesn’t show it particularly well, but the top of the glove is a much lighter tone brown. The pink is a second hand find passed on to me, so not sure about that one.


  6. What a pity the cake wasn’t to your tastes – as others have said, it looks lovely! I love the two colours you’ve picked for your winter woollies, they look perfect – you are clever!!!


  7. Hummm … no wonder I’ve never seen a Strawberry/Chocolate Cake! What about Banana/Chocolate Cake? Then maybe Banana, Chocolate Chip Cake?

    Hey, where are those nice looking strawberries coming from? Isn’t it winter down under?


    • It is winter, but I don’t think a kind of winter that you would be used dear Dr. The strawberries I got from some farmers markets a couple of hours north, and they in turn were from a bit further north as well. Also stocked up on some delicious tomatoes which I hadn’t seen a whole lot of lately in my usual area either (good ones anyway.)


  8. I love the strawberry and brown colours in the cake and the crochet – it seems like a wintery yet cheery combination of colours – shame the cake was not to your tastes – though I can’t imagine a chocolate cake I wouldn’t love


  9. I feel your cake devastation. I’m very reluctant to bake with chocolate at all these days, as I so frequently stuff it up and the waste is gutting. Getting better at finding decent cocoa-based recipes. Oh, and those poor strawbs…:)

    I think your crochet efforts are fabulous. I’ve tried a number of times to get the hang of crochet and knitting. No success yet. But I will persist.


  10. I literally just had to toss a strawberry and banana loaf that I had made…I don’t know exactly what happened but I was left with a soggy mess 😦 What ideal timing to read this post though, you lifted my spirits. And I still have strawberries and whipped cream after all!


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