a new hook in town…it’s crochet time

I’ve always kind of liked the traditional ‘nana’ crafts. Making jams and marmalades was fun even as a teenager. Knitting, although certainly not skilled at it. I find knitting straight up and down rather therapeutic, (and one can never have enough scarves in a mild temperate climate.) I have an ambition to make cakes for the CWA. I like getting up early. My mother plays music to loud. I’m prone to the odd nod off on the couch during a movie. And sensible shoes make sense, high heels don’t.

See. Me and being a nana, it would work.

Now one thing I had always dismissed as truly an old lady craft was crochet. Old ladies did that. Ones that couldn’t knit properly. Crochet was for cheap man made fibres crocheted together to make lap blankets. Dismissed. I also couldn’t do it. Some how I had missed that hands on lesson as a kid. My older family members could all do it, but not nana girl here.

Something happened though. Somehow my nana rader was switched on and I knew there was another craft that needed to be looked at. My crochet light had been ignited. I wanted to play.

One lesson with my mum. Her saying, I taught myself as an 8 year old helpfully floated around my head.

A kids how- to book from the library was borrowed.

I was off. How much fun is a little hooked stick and a ball of wool!

Now I am still practising, and my efforts still look like that of a child’s, but jeez its fun. The possibilities are endless.

Little crocheted purses filled with chocolate for Christmas gifts (bottom picture), an alternative to ribbon (top picture) dressed gingerbread men

Next, I’m thinking crocheted tissue box holders, underpants, and toilet seat covers.

Now how good will that be.

30 thoughts on “a new hook in town…it’s crochet time

  1. Here’s a crochet suggestion, Brydie – a friend’s mother makes kitchen scourers from acrylic yarn – she crochets a 5″ circle/round, then she folds it in half and crochets (decoratively) around the edge to form a double-layered semi-circle. Makes a great kitchen sponge! πŸ™‚


  2. There’s nothing more satisfying than a batch of CWA scones with strawberry jam and a cup of tea (preferably followed by a nanna nap). Nanna style pursuits are always so relaxing and worthwhile.


  3. Oh Boy…, we’re going to have to get you out more Brydie πŸ™‚ But, while we’re into confessions about Nana habits & all things of the like….., I’ve knitted a dishcloth …, I know, I know…., Get Outa Town your saying. But its true. One of the gals in our family knits dishcloths (outa cotton) they are THE BEST dishclothes you’d ever want…., & sadly mine wore out so I went to work thinking it couldn’t be THAT hard…, mine is a bit outa shape but it works a treat. Get into the knitting or crocheting dishcloths girlfriend…,we’ll start a craze πŸ™‚


  4. I really can’t crochet. I wish I could. I can’t follow patterns and that keeps me doing single crochet for a long long long chain.
    I love what you’ve done.
    I think I’ll just stick to knitting. 😦


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  6. I’m so glad you found the Nana Crafts Path. Learning is half the fun and when it all starts to click and come together..well, that is Nanelation! Enjoy your hooking, Brydie, it looks like you are well on the way πŸ™‚

    PS I saw THE most gorgeous crochet top the other day, worn over a cute little t-shirt with jeans….I’m inspired!


  7. Knitting and crochet can be fun. I hate to waste time just watching TV. At least if you are making something at the same time it doesn’t seem so bad.


  8. I have to admit I did learn to crochet as a child and my first ever hand made blanket won first prize in the local country fair…my fifty cent prize money was spent well as the fair! xx
    The gingerbread outfit is just too cute!


  9. Knitting I always thought was easy – I knew how to do it. Crochet was hard – I didn’t. Eventually learnt, though have now forgotten, but I so love your present ribbon I might just have to remember how.

    BTW, did I let you know that I used your chocolate wrapper idea to wrap Christmas presents this year. It was a great success – thank you.


  10. Ok if you are going down the path of crocheted toilet roll holders, can you please make one of those really huge, elaborate ones…one that looks like a doll perhaps with large petticoats…?!
    Seriously though, good on you for taking this up as a hobby. I am sure the recipients of your sweet little bags of goodies really loved the fact that you had made them. And if you do get around to making dishcloths, can I put in my order? πŸ™‚ I am intruigued to read the comments about them.


    • crocheted toilet roll holders, of course! I was looking at a flat once to buy and every inch of the place was crocheted, including lady with petticoats toilet roll holder- (1.5 foot tall), toilet seat, toilet mat…


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