Banana Smoothie Ice Cream

Banana Smoothie Ice Cream || cityhippyfarmgirl
¬†This isn’t rocket science here. It may not even be life changing…

but it might just be helpful!

What to do- Make your every day banana smoothie as you normally would (go on, add in an extra banana for good measure.) Now pop it in the freezer and leave it for a little. For ease of eating, don’t wait until it’s frozen through.

Guaranteed to make small people happy on hot summer days, and big people rather content.

To make this, I whack in…

4 bananas

1 tsp vanilla

some milk

Whizz it all up and into the freezer. Drizzle on some honey just before eating and spoon out as you would regular ice cream. Just the thing for cooling off on a hot day.


Do you have any regular foods you tweak for extra hot days?


making and getting ready


A happy crocheted mobile. It’s colourful, I made it and it didn’t come in plastic packaging. Now, just waiting for little toes to gently kick it.

“Scrappy and Scoot”, my first soft toys. Definitely not the most sophisticated of efforts, but they were made from scraps of fabric, I did it, and there isn’t a made in China tag on them… I’m happy with that.

Celebration pom poms. Reusuable and decorative. You can’t help but smile every time they go up.

Getting ready…

There is a different energy round these parts. A shift, a change…expectancy is hanging in the air.

Tomorrow Monkey Boy starts a new school year. A new lunch box, a new class, a new teacher…he’s excited. I’m nervous. Will his teacher be as wonderful as last year?

A change for Little Monkey as well. No more big brother at home to play with during the day.

Expectancy also circulates me. With a belly now so big, waiting…

Excited… It could be weeks off, but waiting for those beginnings of labour to start.

a new hook in town…it’s crochet time

I’ve always kind of liked the traditional ‘nana’ crafts. Making jams and marmalades was fun even as a teenager. Knitting, although certainly not skilled at it. I find knitting straight up and down rather therapeutic, (and one can never have enough scarves in a mild temperate climate.) I have an ambition to make cakes for the CWA. I like getting up early. My mother plays music to loud. I’m prone to the odd nod off on the couch during a movie. And sensible shoes make sense, high heels don’t.

See. Me and being a nana, it would work.

Now one thing I had always dismissed as truly an old lady craft was crochet. Old ladies did that. Ones that couldn’t knit properly. Crochet was for cheap man made fibres crocheted together to make lap blankets. Dismissed. I also couldn’t do it. Some how I had missed that hands on lesson as a kid. My older family members could all do it, but not nana girl here.

Something happened though. Somehow my nana rader was switched on and I knew there was another craft that needed to be looked at. My crochet light had been ignited. I wanted to play.

One lesson with my mum. Her saying, I taught myself as an 8 year old helpfully floated around my head.

A kids how- to book from the library was borrowed.

I was off. How much fun is a little hooked stick and a ball of wool!

Now I am still practising, and my efforts still look like that of a child’s, but jeez its fun. The possibilities are endless.

Little crocheted purses filled with chocolate for Christmas gifts (bottom picture), an alternative to ribbon (top picture) dressed gingerbread men

Next, I’m thinking crocheted tissue box holders, underpants, and toilet seat covers.

Now how good will that be.