the photo shoot

when life seems to be spinning way too fast, and things are beginning to feel a little overwhelming…

take your nearest oddly shaped funny little crocheted monster you made, and do a photo shoot

it helps


monster inspiration from here

14 thoughts on “the photo shoot

  1. LUV it Brydie! Such a lovely chuckle, thank you. and so glad it gave you a lift.
    Perhaps I should try it,….might actually help. 😀
    Yay, looks like my old sign in is back! ♥ oops, no it’s not!!!


  2. Your monster is SO cute. But it doesn’t even come close to that little monkey. You do real good work, Brydie! And your crocheting is pretty good too! Glad it cheered you up- it did my heart a happy turn, as well. xxx


  3. I imagine it would definitely help. I might need to get myself a little monster! Very fun photos (and I hope life slows down a bit for you soon).

    Also – yes, Parramatta is very different to Coogee!


  4. Just catching up with you Brydie, loving all your photos and the feeling of autumn settling over your home once more. Cluster baking and crocheting and a fun photo shoot, and busy times I guess too. Take care, LOL Joanna


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