Banana Smoothie Ice Cream

Banana Smoothie Ice Cream || cityhippyfarmgirl
 This isn’t rocket science here. It may not even be life changing…

but it might just be helpful!

What to do- Make your every day banana smoothie as you normally would (go on, add in an extra banana for good measure.) Now pop it in the freezer and leave it for a little. For ease of eating, don’t wait until it’s frozen through.

Guaranteed to make small people happy on hot summer days, and big people rather content.

To make this, I whack in…

4 bananas

1 tsp vanilla

some milk

Whizz it all up and into the freezer. Drizzle on some honey just before eating and spoon out as you would regular ice cream. Just the thing for cooling off on a hot day.


Do you have any regular foods you tweak for extra hot days?


9 thoughts on “Banana Smoothie Ice Cream

  1. I’ve been adding frozen bananas to my morning smoothies and it’s just like eating a dessert! I can just imagine how little people would love something like this after coming home from school. Also…my nephew is the new School Captain at the school your children go to! Small world xx


  2. That looks like a lot of fun. We usually pop our left over smoothie into icy-pole moulds for hot afternoons, but the image of all my kids eating straight from that enamel pie dish is a a very appealing one!


  3. We did frozen mangoes with frozen bananas thrown in the other day – we put the mix into popsicle holders with some blueberries popped into the bottom of the container before adding in the banana and mango mix. Our 3 year old daughter (and us) love them! A beautiful texture!

    At this time of the year, the mangoes go off quickly so when the mangoes get too old to sell, or have bruises on, the market staff cut them up into trays for really cheap. We bring them home and stick the slices straight into the freezer for use in smoothies later. Yum! bananas go off too so, yep, straight into the freezer they go too before getting too brown.


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