this week…

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 This week…

I said farewell to Summer holidays and reluctantly got out school lunch boxes again. New school shoes made the transition entirely acceptable for the school ones…large cups of gulped tea made it acceptable for me.

This week…

I said hello again to a friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. For 34 years we have known each other, (that’s rather magnificent really.)

This week,

I said Happy 85th birthday to my Grandma, that is also completely magnificent, (just like her beautiful flower filled garden.)

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What have you been up to this week?


23 thoughts on “this week…

  1. This week, my partner & i found the perfect rented house while we build our new home (and were accepted by the owners) – at last! A stable base for the first time in four months!!

    I am happily spending 5 days with my sister visiting from over east

    My partner & i spent a couple of days with his neice and her husband – a totally wonderful couple!

    Really, a very blessed week!!


  2. I love your blog Brydie, even saw that the banana ice cream one was posted on Earth Garden’s Facebook page. I’m determined to try your sourdough starter and begin that journey… not this week though, too busy. Thanks for all the inspiration. Also love your photography. x


    • Wait until your head is clear for the sourdough. It’s certainly not tricky, but it makes it easier to understand and to feel confident in trusting your instinct (which is half of bread baking really.)
      Thank you for the kind words too 🙂

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  3. Happy birthday to your Gran Brydie. I hope the cake turned out beautifully! Good luck with the start of school. It is alway bittersweet, the end of summer. But I quite enjoy those moments shaving paint off the end of pencils and carefully labelling all my boys’ new stationary for the year ahead. And packing that first school lunch can be fun too. And soaking up the silence on the first day back. Yes, I think I am going to enjoy this week!


    • So much quieter isn’t it… well sort of. Now I just have the one continual conversation rather than three simultaneous ones.
      May your teachers be excellent and classmates full of kindness Alison, because damn, that makes a huge difference in life.


  4. With the children back at school it opens up a world of possibilities for you to explore. “WE” are back at school this week. This time we have to actually attend physically rather than studying online. Haven’t done this for a while but “Digital interactive media” makes it quite interesting. Not sure if it is worth a 100km round trip every day but that’s what we are about to find out! ;). Tea is the panacea for all ills. Drink it in bucket-loads as you meander your way through life. Many things will let you down but never good tea! Love your grandma while you have her. Memories are tangible but never as good as those memories you forge in actuality. Have a great week Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. I hope you don’t read about us, and our new school year in the papers…


      • I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Well, I learned 2. This course is going to be very exciting and the little retro burnt orange with diamonds on it thermos that I found in a vintage picnic hamper only has enough tea in it to have 1 decent mug. Sadly, I am going to have to relegate it to the “too small” basket and go with the big stainless steel thermos. 1 cup isn’t going to fuel my mental machinations this year 😉


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