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crackers || cityhippyfarmgirl

The last few months have seen a lot of these crackers being made. Dead easy to make, with only a handful of ingredients in them. My recipe is over on the forever wonderful Milkwood blog if you are interested. (Just quietly, you’ll never walk down the cracker aisle again…this is an excellent thing.)

tomatoes || cityhippyfarmgirl

Tomatoes in all shapes and sizes, forms and colours, (and just as they should be) are working their way on to my kitchen bench top. Some grown by me and some via my OOOOBY box.

rocky road  apple || cityhippyfarmgirl

Ahh, now what’s this beauty I hear you say? Which is pretty much what I said when I walked passed a particularly enticing window display that I hadn’t seen before. I quietly go to the chiropractor one evening with no expectations of purchasing anything besides ongoing good healthy (thank you chiropractic care) and come home with this divine little chocolate encased creature. I hadn’t seen apples done like this before…how on earth could I say no? (And yes, there was a crispy, crispy fresh apple under there.)

cream || cityhippyfarmgirl

There has also been some Eton Mess experimenting done. This experimenting shall continue as much like the apple above, I was impressed, oh yes I was.


How about you? What’s been happening in your kitchen lately? Have you seen apples like this before? Are you a fan of Eton Mess? And crackers- do you make your own? (ps. If you would like to give this recipe a go and are on instagram tag them #supermarketcrackerspffft I’d love to see them!)

Linking in with Ms Celia today and lots of other amazing kitchen goodies.

30 thoughts on “Kitchen Creations

  1. I don’t make my own crackers as often as I should – but I love it when I do – just chomping on supermarket crackers now!

    I saw caramel chocolate apples once and the woman tried to sell them to me on the grounds that they made children eat fruit but they were exorbitantly expensive and we had chopped apple in the bag that sylvia loves to eat so I just walked on by – nice idea but it does seem like apples are so good that these sort of apples always disappoint me.

    and never made eton mess but I made my own meringues for the first time so maybe there is hope!


  2. Hello heavenly chocolatey nutty coated apple! Remember the candy covered apples from our childhood? How disappointing were they when they were old and soft not to mention the toffee candy stuck to your teeth. Yay! to your eclectic mix of toms. I only had a hand mixer till my mid twenties. I use to pass the mixing bowl around to housemates when my hands got tired. Everyone use to have a good laugh and it was nice way to collaborate.


    • Zena I was half expecting the apple to be disappointing like those yuck toffee apple ones…I really had no expectations, except that it looked pretty. So I was pretty happy to find out, damn! It tasted good!

      Hand beaters do the trick all the time. Dessert and a work out…win, win.


  3. I have tomato envy. I have a whole garden full of them. HUGE tomato vines. San Marzano and all kinds of adventitious tomato bushes that grew from compost heaps and from right where they spilled out of last years tangle of pumpkins that swallowed my tomatoes whole. This year is the year of the tomatoes. Much like the year of the triffids but more eagerly awaited. The only problem is that we have only just started summer here in Tassie. It’s February and it is starting to heat up but prior to February we had a very VERY long spring. I have shrubs bursting with green tomatoes and not very long for them to ripen. I am starting to panic about all of the “green tomato…” recipes that I am going to need and can only hope, beyond hope, that I actually like fried green tomatoes as I can see them featuring heavily on future gustatory menus on Serendipity Farm…I haven’t been cooking much but I have been dehydrating cherries and plums and anything else that takes my fancy. I have pantry shelves full of dried fruit futures and it makes me smile. Green tomatoes don’t make me smile. I wonder what dehydrated green tomatoes could be used for?! (I might dip them in chocolate and see if I can’t pass them off as edible, good idea apple purveyors…dip your humble apple in chocky and suddenly it is desirable!)


    • My green tomato knowledge leads me to relish and THAT is pretty much it unfortunately. It’s something that I never have around me so I don’t play with them. My three prized tomatoes (best) tomatoes were taste tested by a despicable rodent type critter this week. I was less than impressed. How rude.
      I hope summer finds its place for a little longer in Tassie Narf. Come on tomatoes!


      • I found a recipe for a green tomato jam with vanilla pods not so long ago. It looked amazing and came with a sterling Russian pedigree so if worse comes to worst, I will at least have an alternative to chutney, relish and fried green tomatoes ;). Oh BUGGER on the rodent scoffing your tomatoes! We have had something with nibbley little teeth chewing on the compost heap but I don’t mind that…so long as they don’t start on my pumpkins!


  4. Beautiful things going on here! Thanks for that cracker tip, definitely a must try. Yes, tomatoes of all different shapes and sizes on my window sill too. Just keep coming. OOOOBY sounds good, nice to see organic suppliers who deliver appearing more and more. Love those beaters, I can hear the sound of them as I look. Can’t wait to drag mine out of a box to display/use when I get a real kitchen.


  5. Yes, I’ve seen apples like this, I’ve reviewed them – the jury is still out! Yes I’m a fan of eton mess and NO I don’t make my own crackers, but I jolly well want to try now.


    • Have you tried making them Choclette? I wondered how they got all the stuff sticking to the apple in the first place (I clearly wasn’t paying that much attention.)
      I did think coming up with different flavours would be fun. I’ve walked past the shop a few times and their display is different every time. (My kids eyes nearly pop out of their head…such torture.)


  6. Brydie, I’ve made (and savored) olive oil crackers before — ‘regular’ and gluten-free — but never with the “add on’s” you suggested. (Goodness, I love IMK — thanks for sharing those ideas!) I also loved your “free form” cracker shapes. Snack time heaven. 🙂 As for chocolate dipped apples? Oh my! (Hope your chiropractic woes are over, too.) Thanks for your “tease” re: Eton Mess. I’ve always wanted to make (EAT) that!


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