making and getting ready


A happy crocheted mobile. It’s colourful, I made it and it didn’t come in plastic packaging. Now, just waiting for little toes to gently kick it.

“Scrappy and Scoot”, my first soft toys. Definitely not the most sophisticated of efforts, but they were made from scraps of fabric, I did it, and there isn’t a made in China tag on them… I’m happy with that.

Celebration pom poms. Reusuable and decorative. You can’t help but smile every time they go up.

Getting ready…

There is a different energy round these parts. A shift, a change…expectancy is hanging in the air.

Tomorrow Monkey Boy starts a new school year. A new lunch box, a new class, a new teacher…he’s excited. I’m nervous. Will his teacher be as wonderful as last year?

A change for Little Monkey as well. No more big brother at home to play with during the day.

Expectancy also circulates me. With a belly now so big, waiting…

Excited… It could be weeks off, but waiting for those beginnings of labour to start.


61 thoughts on “making and getting ready

  1. Oooohhh!!! It’s SO close! You’ve been crafting! And henna-ing! Preparing for this exciting new addition!! HUGE changes ahead for you, dear Brydie. Take things easy between now and then, ok?

    (When my friend had her third, a group of friends gathered around and cut bracelets from the same piece of yarn and put them on at the same time – the idea being that our good vibes would connect to her during the birth. A beautiful gesture!). xx


  2. What an exciting time. I just love everything you’ve made. So clever. I wish I was crafty but the gene must have by-passed me. We’re getting ready for back-to-school tomorrow too. I’ve just done the lunch boxes. Exciting times!


  3. Too much fun to be had. I love your offerings for your baby. Just wonderful. The belly has definitely grown since I last saw a picture of it. Fully cooked. Good luck with the first day of school. Doo Dah is up on Tuesday x


  4. That belly looks ready to pop! I love the beautiful gifts you’ve made for Monkey Number 3! All made with love and expectation . . . so exciting! Enjoy your nesting x


  5. Oh wow, you’ve been a very busy bee and I just love every single one of your “nesting” creations. Just gorgeous! Love your bump too ๐Ÿ™‚ All the very best for the exciting weeks ahead xx


    • The mobile was a lot of fun to make as I had no real idea of how it would turn out and only a vague idea of what I was doing. There was still an element of surprise of it actually working until the very last little knot.


  6. Anticipation can be very exciting or very trying.
    I love the good use you’ve made of your time of waiting!
    The henna tattoo is very attractive and the toys patiently waiting for the celebration and the crocheted mobile speak so much of your love and
    thanks for sharing your exciting staging for the upcoming birth !
    (And love to you and Mr Chocolate and ALL the little monkeys!)


  7. You’re in mid leap. What an exciting time for you and your family. Preparing, waiting, decorating. Change. Major change. Major joy. I am excited with you, on the other side of the Earth.


  8. That really is exciting! I love the fact that you made those toys from scraps and they are perfect in not looking perfect and commercial with a tag. My sister in law is expecting around the same time as you by the sounds of it so I understand the air of expectation as we all wait.


  9. Gorgeous toys and I love the mobile – and so will Monkey 3! I’m about halfway through expecting grand-child number 2 and it is so much fun, knitting, soft toying and watching my baby grow another baby! Thanks for sharing your journey
    Greenie x


  10. Wow i am really excited for you and your fam! And i think the crafty additions are wonderful. What a lucky baby. I can;t wait to hear the news of your newest bubba – and if it takes a few more weeks then I will wait and patiently read your posts on whatever else you are making. woohoo!


  11. Look at your big beautiful belly! Three months, and I will have one rather similar! I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering… if you have ever had the chance to make sprouted grain bread, and if you have any suggestions as to how to go about sprouting the grains, and what measurements to use ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. I just love your crochet mobile. It is sooo cute. Thats one skill I have new quite got a handle on……perhaps this year!
    Enjoy your last preggie days, what an exciting time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Look forward foloowing along with you


  13. been away for a month, lot to catch up with. love your belly! do you already know the gender? so exciting! the last few weeks can be enervating but you sound calm and happy.


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