cherry season

I wonder just how many cherries a person is supposed to eat in one sitting?

What’s the limit? Where’s that unclear line between that’s sufficient thank you very much, compared to Oh crikey, THAT is rather a lot young lady.

I don’t know, I really don’t. That line is decidedly murky at the moment. It feels likes it’s been years since I had cherries, let alone good cherries, but this year… oh la la. Summer has looked decidedly cherry shaped… and I’m rather loving that.


Any idea what the cherry quota should be?


It’s nearing the end of our season but support your locally grown cherries.

More information on Australian cherries here.

27 thoughts on “cherry season

  1. My husband- a devotee of fresh cherries- says the quota is as many as you can afford/get away with!
    I put a quota on him- he has to leave me a good handful out of any portion that we buy/pick!
    So- that leaves you a lot of lee way, Brydie!


  2. They make me feel a bit sick if I eat too many, but it doesn’t stop me, and they have been so delicious this year. They are supposed to contain melatonin, good for jet lag. I am flying to Italy next week. I never get jet lag, but I am eating lots of cherries just in case.


  3. A whole bowl full! What size bowl? It doesn’t matter, just finish off the bowl..

    Our cherries have finished here now. They were SO good. I love the exact moment when the pip is spat out, competently leaving the rest of the delicious fruit safely within it’s mouthy enclosure! Such fun to watch kids attempt it too! 😉


  4. The trouble is, it’s hard to disguise how many you’ve eaten because you end up surrounded by stalks and stones. Sometimes when I see the enormous pile of remnants in front of me, I shove them onto someone else’s plate to make myself feel better.


  5. I say keep eating till you can eat no more cherries and then have a handful more.

    I always seem to forget how much I love cherries till it is cherry season and they I just eat them by the kilo!


  6. I’d say your body probably knows the answer better than any or all of us combined. but when in doubt, pig out! they look so very delicious, how could you not?!


  7. As long as you don’t get sick… Never too many. Cherry season is still another 5-6 months away where I live, but thanks to local cherry picking (25 lbs!) we still have cherry brandy, cherry jam, and lots of canned cherries. Do yourself a favor and make some brandied cherries.


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