Summer Roasted Tomatoes- Frugal Friday

Roasted Summer

some summery heirloom tomatoes chopped in half

a small roughly chopped eggplant

a few cloves of seasonal local garlic

some great local olive oil drizzled all over

pop in a few potatoes/ sweet potatoes if you feel like it

then roast at about 200C until it smells wonderful and looks how you want it.

Just before you finish the roasting add some

ripped up basil leaves

and sliced soft fresh mozzarella (not the salty waxy yellow type)

Eat with some chunks of sourdough for mopping up those juices.

Simple, seasonal, locally produced, frugal… oh and tasty.

29 thoughts on “Summer Roasted Tomatoes- Frugal Friday

  1. Gorgeous! We have basil growing and we have a most unusual mini banana shaped eggplant supply coming from the garden… I would just need to hunt down some tomatoes – ours are still aaages off! Gosh it looks good though..I’d be tempted to add some pancetta to the tray as well! πŸ˜‰ (Maybe not so frugal then, hmmm…!)


  2. I collected my first Food Connect box this week. The contents were varied and not quite what I expected, however, it’s great to be eating fresh and seasonally.

    It also makes you realise how homogenous supermarket food has become. I got some bendy carrots that I haven’t seen for years.


  3. This absolutely makes me ache for summer, and my garden. I’m going to have to get some heirloom tomato plants this year, such lovely colours, sizes and flavours! I just spoke to a local farmer today about getting some local meat, I’m slowly trying to get the grocery store out of my food loop πŸ™‚


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