the kitchen fairy

In the black of the night,

the kitchen fairy is up.

Sleep hides from her, skulking like a shadow, somewhere near by, but not close enough.

Tiptoed footsteps to the kitchen, careful to avoid the creaks in the floorboards.

outside is silence, the black of night is at its most silent.

The household sleeps on,

as the kitchen fairy begins to weigh and chop. Silent in her cutting and quartering.

her thoughts scamper from one to another, but even they eventually stop and pause, once the rhythm of cooking has taken over.

A match is struck, pots turned on.

Her breath held, while a pot lid slips from her grasp. She needn’t worry, the household slumbers on.

With the smells of plums and vanilla teasing the sleeping nostrils, she knows only good dreams can come of that.

Outside, the night continues on in black.

The kitchen fairy’s eyes grow weary,

sleep has stepped out of her shadows, beckoning to her once again.

The pots are turned off, her work now is done.

The slowly greying dawn will show lined jars of vivid plum jam, and cooling racks of sourdough bread,

time for the kitchen fairy to rest.

Plum Jam

2.3 kilos of plums

500mls water

2 kilos of sugar

juice of 1 lime

41 thoughts on “the kitchen fairy

  1. Oh Brydie, you have such a flair for cooking and such a flair for words. There …that is the name of your recipe book…’ City Hippy Kitchen Fairy’ .


  2. I could do with a kitchen fairy around here. What a productive way to spend a sleepless night! Your plum jam is such a pretty vibrant colour. It looks incredible. What a great effort. I hope you’ve been able to catch up on your sleep!


  3. Ooh, it’s close! Especially with the appearance of the night-time kitchen fairy..

    I remember you said February.. I keep thinking it will happen and none of us will know! Please get Mr Chocolate to post when he/she arrives? Please?

    (Jam looks was the story!). Sleep well, dear fairy. xx


  4. I wish I had a kitchen fairy. Especially one that makes plum jam πŸ™‚

    I picked a couple of kg of blackberries today. My arms are covered in scratches but its worth it. I’ll be doing some jam making myself soon.


    • A couple of kilos, ohhh, you lucky thing.
      I haven’t played with blackberries before, I was hoping to pick some at Christmas time, but they weren’t ready yet. Happy jam making Tricia, I’ll bet that jam will taste superb.


  5. What a wonderful kitchen fairy you are. Don’t suppose you fancy flitting along to my kitchen one night? Those pots of jam look so good. I do hope you are taking good care of yourself though and getting enough sleep!!!


  6. Sounds like thoughts of sugar plum fairies really should dance through your family’s heads at night! This jam sounds delicious. Definitely a great way to spend a sleepless night!


  7. your fairytale images of a dark night and the family sleeping with a heavily pregnant you boiling the jam cauldron and baking bread are’s a modern but archetypal fairy story that resonates deep within me..


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