Cashew Chia Date Roll

My local deli has these lovely dried fruit rolls that cost a whole bunch, look lovely and don’t have a whole lots of ingredients in them. So I decided to see if I could do a version. An easy snack, or pre-dinner nibble with some cheese.

Cashew Chia Date Roll

2 tbls chia

1 tbls water

100g raw cashews

150g dried dates

Combine the chia and water together , leave for 5 minutes to soak in. Blitz all ingredients up in a small hand held blender. (This was a bit of a pain as it kept sticking, but keep at it.)

Scoop the mixture on to some cling film and then roll it into a log shape. Store in the fridge, and slice as needed.

32 thoughts on “Cashew Chia Date Roll

    • Helen you could try a couple of different things. If th dates are super dry, you could soak a for a little before hand with some boiling water. Not a lot, just enough get some moisture back in. You could also try, cooking them up in a pot with a little lemon juice. Add the chia, cook up for a couple of minutes, take off the heat and then add the cashews. I think that would work too.


  1. I have some dried apricots and sliced blanched almonds that I’m going to do this with! Thanks for reminding me!
    This is a great snack and makes a wonderful filling for oatmeal cookies as well!


  2. it reminds me of one of my favo Italian sweet treat, chocolate salami. only this is way more healthy. thank for stopping by. xxx


    • Chocolate salami??… Now I’ve just visited my trusty friend google, and clearly I’ve been missing out. I think I definitely need to try making some of this good stuff! What a great idea for Christmas too- thanks Barbara 🙂


  3. there’s a brain tease going on here with this sweet tasting’s one of those things where i would slice a little bit off..just to even the edges..many times over til it was all gone..


  4. My first thought was … salami …., but I braved a second look and was glad I did. This is great stuff and I’m feeling really inspired now. These fruit and nut rolls would make great Christmas presents. My Aunt lives in Spain and occasionally I get a fig and almond round sent over which is pretty special. Am wondering what chia is, so just off to the internet to find out.


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