The lure of the shutter


A recent morning at one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches.

What was different about this one though, I was meeting two others there to take pictures. Who else would be eager to get up in the dark part of the morning to take some snaps? These two rockin’ women- Jerusha and Rachael. I give a thousand thanks to social media for connecting me with others who also enjoy the lure of the shutter.


If you are in Sydney and also enjoy the click of a shutter, Head On is currently running throughout May. If you haven’t been to see anything yet, I’d say hop skip and jump to your nearest gallery. The pictures are bloody amazing.


ps. This is what happens when a wave catches you by surprise…whoosh!

27 thoughts on “The lure of the shutter

  1. I am so used to not having to share my view, my space, that I find it most interesting to see images where the photographer has to work with other people occupying that space. You did a great job of including those other people into your ethos Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. Awesome images πŸ™‚


    • It’s hard. It’s really hard. Just when you get to a certain level of comfort in doing so…you up it and things change again. Without the people I don’t have the essence of what I’m saying though….(saying that I’d be happy to photograph all your ‘space’ as well too!

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