Little Black Cow Farm


There was a long sigh of utter contentment, leaning against the fence watching the sun come up. The kids were back at the house watching cartoons, and the smallest and her dad were snoring still in bed.

I’d set the eldest two up and then had quietly slipped out of the house. There was a sunrise to be had over those paddocks and I wasn’t about to miss it.

Staying at Little Black Cow Farm stay had been on the agenda for longer than I could remember. I’d often read Kim’s blog and wistfully planned long weekends away. Finally, after a generous invitation, I actually did.

Little Black Cow Farm stay is a 300 acre working beef farm in Branxton, Hunter Valley. Land of vineyards, photo opportunities and good food. The most glorious of foods. I’d set myself up with a little challenge for the weekend, to only eat as much locally produced food as I could get my hands on. Tricky? Stopping off at the local IGA before we got to the farm, I happily didn’t think it so.

In my basket I had Liberi eggs, Udder Farm Fetta, Udder Farm camembert, Udder Farm milk, sourdough from Morpeth bakery and organic wine from Macquariefields. If we only had dairy, bread and wine for the next three days…well, just quietly I didn’t think I would be complaining.

Settling into the farmstay, the kids are riding on the tractors and I get to quietly wander through the farm stay permaculture visitors garden. Kim has set it up so that her farm stay people can pick anything they want, and so I do.

Whenever I am home, my tiny potted garden brings me a lot of joy, but being here? In amongst the sprawling strawberry tendrils, the bushy parsley and the climbing snake beans I can’t help but have a few moments of ‘one day’ thoughts.

Squeals of delight and general loud kid conversation snapped me out of any ambitious garden plans. I was being ordered to jump aboard as the tractor had other people to pick up and the three year old driver couldn’t wait any longer for me.

garden salad || cityhippyfarmgirl

Dinner that night was a salad I had picked from the garden earlier, sausages from a few paddocks away, (Kim and David make their own which you can buy during your stay) and some of the bread and cheese I had hunkered away earlier. For dessert we had custard- made from the local cream, milk and eggs all done in a piece of kitchen kit, that I had often wondered about, but had never played with, (more on this in a minute.)

From a locavore point of view I was super happy. From a foodie point of view I was deliriously happy. From tired point of view, I was shattered… must have been that country air I suspect. Time to sleep.

A new day and there I was contentedly watching that sunrise. There are a few sure-fire things in this world that will always make my heart sing and watching the sunrise, has always been one of them.

eating locally || cityhippyfarmgirl

Back at the house and I start getting breakfast together. As I mentioned earlier there is a piece of kitchen kit, that is quite the rockstar of kitchen appliances for visitors to use, and I was keen to give it a crack. Was it really everything people raved about? Let’s find out.

Last night I had made custard in it, amazingly I hadn’t exploded anything, and the rockstar really had made perfect custard. This morning though I wanted to test it further, so butter was on the agenda with half a carton of cream left over from last night’s custard. Whoosh…done. Um, one minute that took. Hmmm, hard boiled eggs? Yep did that too. Coffee, why yes please. It is a weekend away after all, no coffee would be completely unaccceptable. Would the rockstar sort that one out? Yes, apparently so!

A wonderful day was spent doing weekend away kind of things. The kids got to harass the animals again, the adults got to talk, we went on a farm tour to the ‘top of the world’ and then suddenly dinner time was whispering again. I thought I would put the rockstar to the test once more. Thai Style Pumpkin Soup was on the menu, dicatated by what was in the garden. A simple soup, with all the ingredients (pumpkin, lemongrass, thai basil and a little chilli) being sourced just a couple of metres away.

Last day arrives and we farewell all the animals. We say goodbye to the dogs, goats, sheep, cows, pony, chooks and I peel small gripped fingers away from the guinea pigs, (I’m sure I heard them sigh with relief.)

I don’t think I have ever stayed somewhere that was so accommodating and involving towards kids and adults, every age was considered. Kim and David are the most wonderful hosts. From a welcome plate of homemade biscuits, kids toys, oodles of books, dvds, farm animals, climbable tractors, jeep tour, individual activities designed around your needs and wants. And one of the best things?…a perfectly edible (and encouraged to do so) permaculture garden at your doorstep.

It was the most relaxing weekend I’d had in a long time, and just quietly… I can’t wait to go back.


Local Hunter Valley connections to be enjoyed

Little Black Cow Farm Stay– accommodation

Udder Farm– milk, cream, cheese.

Liberi Eggs- boiled, fried, scrambled or runny if you are one of those funny people who like runny eggs.

Morpeth Sourdough Bakery– locally baked sourdough…say no more.

Macquariedale Organic Wine- one glass or two?

Little Black Cow Farm Beef– these are happy beautifully kept cows that taste rather delicious in sausage form.

Sacred Tree Markets– on every third Sunday within the township of Branxton. 


30 thoughts on “Little Black Cow Farm

  1. A lovely read! I’ve also been dreaming of visiting Kim one day… Strangely, she is a friend of mine although I have yet to meet her. I love my blogger connections. I’m glad your family had such a lovely time away.


  2. This looks heavenly Brydie! Interesting thoughts on the Thermomix…I have mixed views and thoughts about such an expensive appliance. How wonderful to be able to give it a test-run! All of this delicious, local food is making me hungry. I think I need to put the Hunter Valley on my wish list.

    Happy Sunday to you x


    • Local food is the best Jane, and I know I only just sampled a smidgen of what is on offer in that area….that’s why I need to go back! Definitely put the Hunter Valley on your wish list though, it really is beautiful.


  3. It sounds like a fantastic weekend Brydie! Good tip, gives me ideas to copycat you one day 😉 And… happy you like the rockstar, it’s an amazing machine!!!! xx irene


  4. What a wonderful weekend away. I do love a farm-stay. And it sounds to me that you ate like rockstars! I bet you came away absolutely glowing but very much looking forward to the next opportunity to return to the Hunter xx


  5. How stunning and how lovely. It must have felt so good unfurling in such beautiful spacious surroundings, alongside happy animals and vibrant food. In your element there, Brydie!


  6. What a lovely family getaway. I have had a ‘rockstar’ for 4 years now – wouldn’t be without it. I’m only on one acre, but I dream of growing green fingers and creating a food wonderland – alas – I seem to be able to kill more plants than I grow… bah humbug….


  7. I have a vitamix and there is no way that I could ever justify or afford a “Rockstar”. A great piece of kit that sounds like it could solve math problems as well. That farm stay sounds like it was exactly what you needed, when you needed it. Another “high five” to the universe and another happy food for the soul moment to tuck away, remove from your mental tissue paper and stroke lovingly on a grey winters day. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. I am quite sure that there are people out there reading this post that will head out on a whim and discover the joy of this magical place thanks to you and your lovely share 🙂


  8. What a wonderful family weekend away. Awesome holiday destination, the kind we would want to experience. Oh I noticed that freshly churned butter…so good. I have friends who converted to the rocket and it’s perfect for busy peeps who still want to serve super healthy food to their family but quickly and with less clean up. I would think it would also be great for people who have really crappy un-renovated small kitchens.


  9. Oh wow, what a fabulous way to do a weekend. I don’t mind me a visit to the country even now and then, especially when it means you get to eat AMAZING foods like you did. I think I better look into taking a wee break, thanks for the inspiration lovely! 🙂


  10. Sounds pretty wonderful Brydie! There is something about cooking on holiday… I like to get away from my kitchen but I can’t wait to check out the local produce once I get wherever I am going! x


    • It’s the highlight of travelling isn’t it Alison. Surely?! It’s like going over to someone else’s house and seeing what they have in the fridge…well sort of, but with far more more manners of course.


  11. Beautiful Brydie. I love your comment about the guinea pigs sighing!!!! Please come & visit us in the Adelaide hills-you can have it all-a garden big enough to plant veggies in, chickens guinea pigs & a thermomix!!! Xxxxx Sunitra


  12. What a wonderful sounding visit, i could absolutely imagine us spending a few days on the way up to visit grandparents on the north coast! Though I just have to comment on “one of those funny people who like runny eggs”!!!! Nice try there Ms ‘extremely funny person who *doesn’t* like runny eggs’ 😉


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