spring in my step


It looks like we are springing in to spring round these parts. The light is different, days longer, clothing layers are slowly being peeled off and jasmine…

Beautiful jasmine is flowering on local suburban fences, where I’ll quite often smell it before I see it. A gorgeous soft delicate smell that I’m sure to my end of days will always remind me of my mother. It’s such a favourite flower with her. A tiny sprig is just enough to scent the air, enough to turn heads that say “Ooooh, what’s that lovely smell?

Blue sunny skies and cold seas are enticing little feet in. Sand is being strewn, holes are being dug and shivery skinny bodies are being dried off. Part of me wants to listen to the sea’s siren song and go swimming. The other part of me says, oh hell no, it’s still way too cold in there. Maybe in a few months…

I’m still crocheting too. I keep getting side tracked with different projects though, which is making it tricky to finish anything. A little bit here and a little bit there. Stolen moments that slowly add stitches while creations grow. I’m not sure what is more appealing at the moment, the prospect of making something and fueling that creative drive or the calming meditative effect repetitive stitches has on me. Either way, it’s working.

Goodbye to winter which I always adore. Winter and all she has to offer. The warming foods, seasonal vegetables, looped scarves, and a cooler time to stop, think and plan. With spring now here though, there is a new vibrancy. A new sense of growth and energy, both internally and around me… an energy that I’m sure will put just a little spring in my step.

What’s happening with you and your change of seasons?

letters from the week

Dear Jasmine,

You smell so wonderful. I know spring is just around the corner, when I’m walking down the street and a heady waft of sweet smelling jasmine tickles my nose…

Dear Irish backpacker,

At what point did you think it was a good idea to smash our security door in? I wonder if you had maybe 5 less beers than your allocated 20, perhaps you might have realised you indeed didn’t live in this building, and that’s why your key wasn’t working.

Dear Roly Poly,

You seemed like a good idea at the time. The mental challenge had been made. It had been 18 years since I last did a roly poly…it could be another 18 years before I try doing it again. My CWA cookbook I thought would be the one to follow, perhaps what I really needed was a CWA member standing next to me and guiding me. Lucky for me The Monkeys don’t notice cracks… or weren’t close enough to hear the muttered @#$%* on rolling the thing. Despite all that… you indeed tasted delicious, and I suspect it was because there was half a jar of vanilla plum jam tucked away within your spongey folds.

Dear Little Monkey,

You nearly made it six months in between Emergency Dept visits. Nothing quite like suspicious spots, a temperature and the hovering word meningococcal to ease you into the weekend. (Turns out it was viral related petechiae.)

Dear Dark Chocolate,

I didn’t think I wanted much of you….turns out I was wrong.

Dear Newspaper,

Today, I hear you whispering to me, quietly nudging me to the sunny spot with a big pillow.

Yes, I think that will do just fine…


Anyone else have any letters from their week?