letters from the week

Dear Jasmine,

You smell so wonderful. I know spring is just around the corner, when I’m walking down the street and a heady waft of sweet smelling jasmine tickles my nose…

Dear Irish backpacker,

At what point did you think it was a good idea to smash our security door in? I wonder if you had maybe 5 less beers than your allocated 20, perhaps you might have realised you indeed didn’t live in this building, and that’s why your key wasn’t working.

Dear Roly Poly,

You seemed like a good idea at the time. The mental challenge had been made. It had been 18 years since I last did a roly poly…it could be another 18 years before I try doing it again. My CWA cookbook I thought would be the one to follow, perhaps what I really needed was a CWA member standing next to me and guiding me. Lucky for me The Monkeys don’t notice cracks… or weren’t close enough to hear the muttered @#$%* on rolling the thing. Despite all that… you indeed tasted delicious, and I suspect it was because there was half a jar of vanilla plum jam tucked away within your spongey folds.

Dear Little Monkey,

You nearly made it six months in between Emergency Dept visits. Nothing quite like suspicious spots, a temperature and the hovering word meningococcal to ease you into the weekend. (Turns out it was viral related petechiae.)

Dear Dark Chocolate,

I didn’t think I wanted much of you….turns out I was wrong.

Dear Newspaper,

Today, I hear you whispering to me, quietly nudging me to the sunny spot with a big pillow.

Yes, I think that will do just fine…


Anyone else have any letters from their week?

32 thoughts on “letters from the week

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the security door and Little Monkey’s virus 😦 I hope both are on the mend. I am, however, very impressed with your roly poly. I’m sure a version made by me would have many more cracks – and quite possibly many more muttered @#$%*’s!


  2. Boo, for crazy drunks. Hope the monkey feels better, OK that just sounds funny no matter how I write it. My wife loves jasmine. It was on our wedding cake. She wasn’t fussy about that stuff. The florist gave it to the baker to put around the cake. The baker was puzzled at that idea and just framed the base. Smelled good.


  3. Oh, no, hope your little boy is feeling better soon, and oh, crap, that must have been scary with some drunken idiot trying to break the door down! Chocolate, hmmm, did someone mention chocolate?


  4. Dear Chookies: If only you would leave my garden beds alone you would not be restricted to 30mins freerange before bedtime for the immediate future.

    Dear Week Old Calves (5): You are so incredibly cute when you play together at dawn and dusk – I hope to find homes for you after weaning where you will enjoy a peaceful life.

    Dear Brydie: I love your pictures and you inspire! Next week will be great.


  5. I think that cracks make the roly poly look more delicious than normal! It’s exciting to see a little of the deliciousness inside!

    Hugs to little Monkey, I hope he feels better soon.

    Happy Spring!


  6. All of the above and i love roly polys and also have not made one in years.. maybe I will try again! I once saw a guy one morning sleeping his drunk off on a porch with a door key still in his hand.. ha ha ha ! c


  7. Never heard of roly poly’s before- what is the base?
    Bread or crepe or something else? Hmm? I think I would like to make these!
    Sorry about poor little monkey- petechiae is quite scary!
    Drunks and doors I can live without.
    My week sent me letters about;
    The lingering illness of old friends- the distance between beloved grandchildren and myself- the problems of long distance caretaking for a home in flooded conditions-and the difficulties of men conversing from generation to generation.
    Sometimes, I feel like I’m constantly between the situations in my life.


      • Roly poly = jelly roll!
        We make one with pumpkin cake and cream cheese/sugar filling with walnuts in the fall!
        I love the names you have for food!


  8. Sorry to hear about the Monkey. Hope he is feeling better soon.
    Roly Poly looks mighty impressive and I think would be the perfect accompaniment for a nice cuppa. If the cracks are bothering you, I sprinkling of icing sugar could be added. Looks fine to me though.
    Sorry to hear about the door. What a huge inconvenience. Grrr.
    : )


  9. Wow, you’ve had a busy week! Hope little Monkey is back to full health now and that your door/window is fixed – stupid drunk people.

    The roly poly looks great, I’m not surprised it tasted fab – who cares about cracks!


  10. Sounds like an eventful, reflective and uncertain week – capped up with a delicious looking roly poly. I think finding a little solace in the coming spring is a fine idea – I heard and smelt the sea crashing against the shore as I nuzzled my head through a loft window yesterday. Lovely.


  11. Oh those Monkey viruses are scary for us Mummas, hope he is feelin better. I will have roly poly cracks and all!!
    Dear Son, please stop playing you new electric guitar after 9pm xx


  12. great letters, hope that little monkey is ok an that irish backpacker has long gone.
    roly poly looks good despite the cracks..that is the reason I have not made one in years either.

    and Jasmine..nothing I can say but..mmmmmm, I think I can smell you from here x


  13. Mmmmm roly poly look good, I have never had one before! Good luck with little Monkey, I hope he feels better soon. If it is not one thing, it is another hey? Yay for your spring! That is my favourite, with such hope and promise ahead…


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