spring in my step


It looks like we are springing in to spring round these parts. The light is different, days longer, clothing layers are slowly being peeled off and jasmine…

Beautiful jasmine is flowering on local suburban fences, where I’ll quite often smell it before I see it. A gorgeous soft delicate smell that I’m sure to my end of days will always remind me of my mother. It’s such a favourite flower with her. A tiny sprig is just enough to scent the air, enough to turn heads that say “Ooooh, what’s that lovely smell?

Blue sunny skies and cold seas are enticing little feet in. Sand is being strewn, holes are being dug and shivery skinny bodies are being dried off. Part of me wants to listen to the sea’s siren song and go swimming. The other part of me says, oh hell no, it’s still way too cold in there. Maybe in a few months…

I’m still crocheting too. I keep getting side tracked with different projects though, which is making it tricky to finish anything. A little bit here and a little bit there. Stolen moments that slowly add stitches while creations grow. I’m not sure what is more appealing at the moment, the prospect of making something and fueling that creative drive or the calming meditative effect repetitive stitches has on me. Either way, it’s working.

Goodbye to winter which I always adore. Winter and all she has to offer. The warming foods, seasonal vegetables, looped scarves, and a cooler time to stop, think and plan. With spring now here though, there is a new vibrancy. A new sense of growth and energy, both internally and around me… an energy that I’m sure will put just a little spring in my step.

What’s happening with you and your change of seasons?

38 thoughts on “spring in my step

  1. I saw someone in a tank top and denim hot pants today and I thought it is lovely weather but not that warm! But it was lovely to sit outside in the sunshine today and play with the kids – even picked up a cricket bat to hit a ball!


  2. Oh.. I just know you’re experiencing spring because we’ve just begun to feel fall in the air. It’s so cool at night.. you must be enjoying the warmer evenings now:D It’s so cool to read your spring and our fall at the same time! I LOVE your crochet necklace!! Very pretty!! xx


  3. I love your images Brydie and your crocheted little flowers are gorgeous – beautiful colours. Love the image of the ocean. Yes, it’s so lovely to have Spring. I’m loving the longer days and the warmer weather too xx


  4. We’re definitely in to spring here too (to my relief on the weekend, given the events!). I am always a bit sad to leave winter but spring is so beautiful it’s hard to resist it. Summer on the other hand…I’m hoping it’s a long way off 🙂


  5. What a beautiful picture of the sea, so serene and inviting. Is this taken in Sidney? Our autumn is just starting to slice cool air through the early mornings. I love autumn and spring, such an air of expectation about it …


  6. Lovely Spring photos , especially the blue in that sea photo – iridescent! We are having cool mornings on the farm with a touch of frost ….then beautiful Spring days that make you want to be outside with the animals and not inside doing housework.Blossoms on the fruit trees, casaurina trees in full pollen mode ( ah choo) ,babies being born and a sense of renewal in the air.


  7. Entering Autumn here- cooler weather and lots of rain. Everything is green except some of the leaves are turning on the trees- I just love seasons- especially the beginning of each season!
    Love your pictures and the crocheted necklace is lovely!


  8. A very beautiful uplifting post Brydie! Love that Spring is in your air, and the sweet smell of jasmine, and I love your crochet necklace! (And I so get the meditative effects of repeating those simple stitches and watching flowers bloom or sweaters grow from string!) 🙂


  9. Love your crocheting! I an banned for now because of my wrists, but so want to make some flowers and a tea cosy.
    Spring is slower here, we still had minus7 last week. I have seed packets scattered around Just waiting to be planted, but will have to wait a month yet I think 😦


  10. Pretty spring photos, particularly the light and flowers on your windowsill. I love Jasmine flowers too and the also remind me of my mum … I remember as a kid making fresh Jasmine flower necklaces with my mum and her mum in the Philippines.


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