how to slam a tim tam

Sometimes life leaves you no other options.

Sometimes you just have to buy a packet of chocolate biscuits and dunk them… Sometimes these kind of things just need to be done.

Step One- Open your packet of Tim Tams.

Step Two- Nibble the opposite ends

Step Three- Dunk one of the nibbled corners into an appropriately dainty tea cup and suck.

Stop sucking when your dunking liquid of choice, goes up to the top. Inside the biscuit is now squishy and soft with the hot liquid going through it. Β Quickly drop the whole biscuit into your mouth before losing it to a messy slop inside your cup.

Step Four- Smile contentedly.

Step Five- Repeat as necessary.


23 thoughts on “how to slam a tim tam

  1. i love it brydie..i’ve never done the tim tam straw thing but i did over indulge in them when i was breast feeding my wonder he is the chocolate lover in the family..:)


  2. Yep, done that too. A tim tam is something that you can’t make home made…and I am glad. We can’t cook all the time. Best biscuits ever.


  3. I do love the pairing of the tim tam slamming with dainty teacups. I think that’s a winning match and I shall endeavor to adopt it in future!


  4. I was never into the tim tam slam – probably because I don;t drink the right drinks to go in it. Was hoping for a photo and lots of advice as to how to eat it once it gets all soggy πŸ™‚


  5. Oh, I almost cried when I saw this post!!!! I used to eat tim tams all the time when I lived in Sydney. Sadly we do not get them here NY. I think it was 10 years ago when I last had one! Thanks for posting this. It brought back some sweet memories and an even sweeter smile πŸ™‚


  6. Hah! My niece brought back a whole case of TimTams and I’ve been handing them out with instructions- I will have to send them for your tutorial, Brydie!
    Thanks- ( is your demonstrator Mr Chocolate?)


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