lavender and inspiring women

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Last year I wrote of giving lavender on International Women’s Day to those women in our lives whom we loved, respected, found inspiring and wanted to show a small sign of respect. While I think that respect and love should be given through out the year, I do think once a year an acknowledgement or prompting is still a wonderful thing.

Here are a few fearless inspiring women that have shaped or rock my world.

Sheryl Sidery– Shaped and rocked, for this beautiful woman I would plant an entire lavender farm.

Ina May Gaskin- I was lucky enough to hear this amazing woman speak in 2011. After respecting and looking up to her for 19 years, that felt pretty special.

The little old lady at the end of my street. She stands and watches from her front gate, never missing an opportunity to smile and give a little wave as my children and I walk by.

My beautiful blogger friend @ The Monkeys Nest– mama to new twins, that’s an incredible path she’s now walking.

Nicky Gemmell- Honestly: Notes on Life is a book that’s sitting on my “list”. I adore Nicky Gemmell‘s writing- sometimes it feels like she is typing words from within my head.


Which women have shaped, inspired or rocked your world?

international women's day || cityhippyfarmgirl

In the lead up to International Women’s Day on the 8th of March– this post is one of three with a feminine curved theme.