lavender and inspiring women


A gnarly sun kissed hand pushed a bunch of wattle towards the car window. The driver reaching out for it, swapping the vivid yellow for a few coins and on they drove. The traffic continued, until the next change of lights, where the gnarly hand would once again push forward, offering the small bunches of bright yellow to the driver.

How wattle got to be a symbol of International Women’s Day in Italy I’m not sure. But this is how a number of Italian menfolk show their love and gratitude towards the women in their lives on the 8th of March. Mothers, wives, daughters, co workers, friends…they are all acknowledged, with a little bouquet of wattle. Whether those little bouquets are given as symbolism for the political and social struggles of women this day was initially started for or it’s more a mark of respect, love and appreciation I’m not sure.

Either way, I think I like it. A small symbolic gesture, that I would imagine be really appreciated. Now wattle originated in Australia, so does Australia have a similar culture or giving tradition on International Women’s Day?

Unfortunately no, nope not in the slightest, but I’m wondering… perhaps it’s time we started?


Some inspiring women in my life that I’ve been thinking of lately, and would love to give a small bouquet of lavender to…

My gorgeous friend who made the mammoth shift of moving states, to give her family a new start- Taking that plunge takes incredible courage.

This wonderful woman is a Doctor with MSF. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her a couple of times, being a good friend of my good friend. The site won’t let me embed the video here, but PLEASE take the time to watch it. (3 mins)

Another artist friend who is at the very beginnings of studying law. As a mama to two little people, I’m in absolute awe of her, (I can barely finish a cup of coffee at the moment.)

And my wonderfully strong blogging friend Mariana, who is still dealing with the aftermath of severe flooding on her property.

All incredibly strong courageous women, that I feel honoured to know.

Which women are you inspired by at the moment?


Also a few books I’m thinking about for my girl…

Not one Damsel in Distress-

Grandmothers Stories-

Fearless Girls, Wise Women and Beloved Sisters-

I think my boys will enjoy these stories too.


27 thoughts on “lavender and inspiring women

  1. Beautiful – celebrating the women in your life is so important:) I think of the ones here and the ones in spirit that support, guide, love, and protect me on a daily basis – those WOMEN ROCK!!! I celebrate you (((virtual hug))) – thanks for your motivation and inspiration to me in the blogging community. Have a Great One


  2. My most inspiring women are not famous. I am inspired by those who struggle with life and meet the day to day challenges with a sweetness of spirit and a generosity of giving from that which they have. My sister, Cynthia inspires me daily- dealing with pain and loss and still offering a helping hand to anyone who needs it. She steps outside her pain to touch someone else’s life.
    Nice post, Brydie- very inspiring. 🙂


  3. You’ve mentioned some very inspiring women there. I can’t imagine the upheaval of having to move my family to another State, nor could I imagine studying law with two small children and as for having to start over after a flood, that’s just horrific. Thanks for reminding me of International Women’s Day xx


  4. Beautiful Brydie, and true if Italy can do it you think we could. Every single person, man, woman and child has a least 1 inspiring woman in their life. I have only a son and I was secretly wanting a daughter, but rather than be upset by this turn of events I decided to bring him up in a way that he appreciates women and what they do, their amazing strength, tireless commitment to family and other peoples well-being AND that they are not slaves for men. Amen


  5. Oh thanks Brydie, I’m in awe of how you get it together to bake & make all the beautiful things you do, then blog them!!!!


  6. Wow, great post and link thank you for sharing. My best friend inspires me her husband became a quadriplegic 10yrs ago and her courage, strength determination and energy to keep his life and her 2 daughters lives on track is amazing…


  7. Thank you for this post – it is so lovely, and the tradition in Italy is one we would do well to adopt. I couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile to say this International Women’s Day (I felt like I said it all last year) but now wish I’d thought a bit harder! I think your daughter is a lucky girl, too, with books like those 🙂


  8. Beautiful, Brydie. You know – I was shocked. Nobody had ever heard of International Woman’s Day here in Wales. No mention, no nothing. I asked some friends. Is it a yearly thing? asked a Canadian friend of ours. In Norway it’s marked and celebrated. But here. Nada…


  9. G’Day! Cityhippyfarmgirl,
    This might be off topic, however, I chose my icon because i am a huge Lady Gaga fan. She is very inspiring to me. Women needed someone like her. I chose my name because it’s a line from “So happy I could die” which is a Lady Gaga song. Also, Lavender Blonde was a nickname that Judy Garland gave to herself and she’s a great inspiration, also.
    I’ll be back to read more next time


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