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Last year I wrote of giving lavender on International Women’s Day to those women in our lives whom we loved, respected, found inspiring and wanted to show a small sign of respect. While I think that respect and love should be given through out the year, I do think once a year an acknowledgement or prompting is still a wonderful thing.

Here are a few fearless inspiring women that have shaped or rock my world.

Sheryl Sidery– Shaped and rocked, for this beautiful woman I would plant an entire lavender farm.

Ina May Gaskin- I was lucky enough to hear this amazing woman speak in 2011. After respecting and looking up to her for 19 years, that felt pretty special.

The little old lady at the end of my street. She stands and watches from her front gate, never missing an opportunity to smile and give a little wave as my children and I walk by.

My beautiful blogger friend @ The Monkeys Nest– mama to new twins, that’s an incredible path she’s now walking.

Nicky Gemmell- Honestly: Notes on LifeΒ is a book that’s sitting on my “list”. I adore Nicky Gemmell‘s writing- sometimes it feels like she is typing words from within my head.


Which women have shaped, inspired or rocked your world?

international women's day || cityhippyfarmgirl

In the lead up to International Women’s Day on the 8th of March– this post is one of three with a feminine curved theme.

26 thoughts on “lavender and inspiring women

  1. I love that you included the lady on your street, we have an elderly couple who do the same, the kids love it! Lavender, I can’t wait to grow lots of lavender this year. Lovely post, you have inspired me to write a similar one. If I do, I will be sure to link the credit back to you. x


  2. Such pretty lavender and great links Brydie. On the well known front I am inspired by Kylie Kwong and Stephanie Alexander for their work with food and raising awareness in using local produce and growing and cooking real food.

    Closer to home I am inspired by many bloggers including yourself, Celia and so many other talented ladies. Also, my mum who started a ‘new chapter’ in her life a few years ago and continues to work hard and stay positive even when things get tough. x


  3. I am inspired by Stephanie Alexander because she began the amazing Kitchen Garden Program in Australian schools and is changing an entire generation’s understanding of how nutrition and fun go hand in hand. And as a teacher … I cannot go past ‘mothers’ in general…over the years I have experienced first hand the devotion mothers have to their children…. it never goes unnoticed that little sandwich cut in a heart shape, the little note in the lunch box …. even as mother myself , I marvel at the ‘little things ‘ that mothers do that say ‘Hey I love you even when I am not with you…’


  4. Oh, dear Brydie. I have tears in my eyes. Probably because I haven’t slept since December 19th and I’m absolutely exhausted and ground to a transparent, frazzled and weepy version of myself. I don’t feel like an inspiration at all – so reading this is so incredibly uplifting and it warms my spine and spreads through my bones. I feel greasy and overwhelmed. I struggle to find time to even shower. Or brush my teeth. But it will get better. It will get easier. At some point we will sleep again. Ugh. So hard. Thank you for lifting my spirits dearest you.


  5. Oh and PS. We are in conversations. About perhaps making Australia our home, Michael misses his country and now after having the twins, we realise that we need to go somewhere else. For their sake. It’s OK here, but it’s not a place where I want to raise our children. At all. So there are talks. Serious talks.


  6. Oh how I love this post cause I have a Lavender hedge growing outside my kitchen door just meters from where I am just sitting. ‘Tis only 30 cm high but all joined together and then flowers making it taller still…..and it’s loving this rain, drizzle and then sunshine mix and match days.

    I’m inspired as most are by mothers…my mother who has settled into her assisted living new “home” bringing many plants in big pots to make her own haven with familiar friends. The gardener/groundsman even tells mum that he is going to mow the grass in “Her” garden because she has so transformed the place and everyone loves it and just lets her go about doing what she loves.

    To daughters who love Lavender and would love time to garden. A time and season for everything. So I send photos of my hedge in its various stages from newly planted cuttings right through to now.

    To my sister with her big C battle.

    To those women, single, friends, mothers, sisters, siblings, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, wives, lonely, or sad, who are strong or need to be strong for their families to care for them.

    For Bloggers like you who write beautiful posts and allow us to comment.

    Heartfelt thanks from Alexa at


  7. So Lavender and Kitchen gardens go together then…fantastic, as my Lavender Hedge is around one side of my herb and vegetable garden. Love, love, love it. It is such a joy to behold and then to see the bees a coming. x
    Greetings from


  8. Lovely post Brydie. What a great way to recognise International Woman’s Day. A good prompt for us all to think about the special women in our lives. An easy choice for me, it would be my Mum who passed away last April. She taught me so many things, and was an amazing human being.


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  10. I’m inspired by the brave woman surgeons who forged a path for me to go to medical school. In 1983 there were 11 women in my class of 50. 4 of us became surgeons! Last years first year medical student class at the University of NV School of Medicine accepted 60 women in a class of 100. I salute every woman who doesn’t take No for an answer.


  11. Its been so hot and dry here that most of the lavender has died in the area but both my mum and grandmother were incredibly influential on me. They both grew lavender and I am attempting to do the same. Its a reminder about how tough our pioneer women had to be to survive (let alone flourish) in this tough land we call home. When the chips are down the women are the ones that pull everything together and keep it sane. SO many lessons to learn and pass on. Time to put some lavender (if I can pinch some from someplace πŸ˜‰ ) on mum’s memorial tree…cheers for the reminder πŸ™‚


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