water ways || cityhippyfarmgirl

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silhouettes and shapes for making me look at things differently


growing things because it’s always amazing. Every, single, time.


green and earth garden magazine || cityhippyfarmgirl


a recovery room for that moment when it’s over and your child smiles at you again


stopping- because I needed to, and damn…it felt good.


What are you loving?

[“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE]

five green magazines


Five green magazines that are 5042 times more interesting than reading trashy celebrity gossip ones.

Sanctuary– sustainable house design

Earth Garden– practical solutions for green living

Slow-tree change, sea change, me change

Back Yard Farmer– make, grow, cook, keep

Green– sustainable house and garden design