five green magazines


Five green magazines that are 5042 times more interesting than reading trashy celebrity gossip ones.

Sanctuary– sustainable house design

Earth Garden– practical solutions for green living

Slow-tree change, sea change, me change

Back Yard Farmer– make, grow, cook, keep

Green– sustainable house and garden design

27 thoughts on “five green magazines

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  2. My favourite is ‘Earth Garden’ . I think it is exactly where my dreams of being sustainable started. It was really nice to be told about these magazine because on the rare days when I have succumbed to buying a magazine in the impulse aisle, I have been severely disappointed in myself for providing money to people who want to say unkind things about other people.
    Not only can we have a greener world, we can also have a kinder world.
    Celia, I know that Earth Garden has some articles each month online which are really great reading. Their paper is also recycled paper.


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  4. Yay for non trashy commercial magazines. I only get Resurgence these days as I really don’t have time to read – apart from FoE and Soil Association magazines and a number of other organisations I support – oh dear!


  5. Grrrr. I haven’t read a gossip mag in ages. Even when I see one in the dentist waiting room, I always go for the Readers Digest. I actually feel sorry for the writers who have to come up with all the s**t to fill their pathetic pages.


  6. A great line-up of mags Brydie – thanks so much for these! Not a huge amount of time for magazine reading (especially not going to waste any time on the trashy ones) but I’ll definitely check these ones out. I’m familiar with Slow but super keen to check out Backyard Farmer and Earth Garden x


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