top 12 eco friendly christmas gift ideas

a little succulent gift- cityhippyfarmgirl

Nearly the end of the year again, which means there could be a little gift giving to be had. I love this time of year, but I don’t like the ridiculous amount of spending that usually goes along with it. You don’t have to spend oodles of money, you really don’t. Here are a few ideas to help with a greener tinged Christmas at your place this year.

1/ Tiny presents of tiny succulents in tiny tea cups, (or espresso cups as this little fella is.) You can easily do this with a little cup that may have a chip or a crack in it- stalk op shops, church fetes, roadside discards for succulent holding inspiration. The options are limitless, (have a peek at google images.) Think green, think succulents.

2/ Something for the inspired reader in your life- Changing Gears: by Greg Foyster

3/ Assistent Original– now this is a pricey gift for Christmas, but if you are serious about a kitchen investment that is going to cater for every kitchen whim you have- it’s a worthy investment, as cooking from scratch is a commitment and you want to make it as easy as possible. For bread baking nerds, look no further.

4/ Digital Subscription to a ‘green’ magazine- inspire someone with some idea thumping pages- There are oodles to pick from, and then even more.

5/ Subscription to your locally based farmer friendly fruit and veg box. Foodconnect– Whole Larder Love– Local Harvest etc.

6/ Sign a bloggy friend up to do Blog with Pip– they will love you to the moon and back, (and probably back some more; this course is AWESOME.)

12 eco friendly gift ideas- cityhippyfarmgirl

7/ If you don’t have a crafty hand yourself, have wander over to etsy– Buy direct from someone who does and support a small time crafter with a passion for handmade goodness.

8/ Sign a loved one up for a Milkwood Permaculture course, (or a locally grown Permaculture course in your area.) They will be brimming with inspiration afterwards, and that…is always a good thing.

gift cityhippyfarmgirl

9/ For the tea drinker- love chai, love tea, enamel cup and a little ginger bread bites for dunking in. A simple present that is 542 times better than buying something bland in a generic department store.

ginger bread gift ideas- cityhippyfarmgirl

10/ Or using the same gingerbread recipe, kid version style.

11/ Put together a little handmade food hamper. Jam’s, biscuits, brownie, cake, pesto, bread- the options are endless. If you team that up with a little second hand store basket (50c church sale thank you very much!) and you’re in Christmassy business, (always nicer than a gifted pair of synthetic, made in China, novelty boxer shorts…promise.)

12/ And if you still aren’t sure of what Uncle Roo and Aunt Bilby would like, make a donation on their part. There are so many charities to choose from in our collective corners of the world- choose one and your recipients will be so very thankful.


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32 thoughts on “top 12 eco friendly christmas gift ideas

  1. Awesome post and list! Really great ideas, I love your gingerbread man too. I cannot resist gingermen, each year I think I will bake something different and every year I come back to making gingermen, usually little bags of tiny men!


  2. Have ‘done’ the personalized food hampers and subscriptions for years most successfully ~ have made donations also, but you have to pick the recipients: some ARE taken aback that THEY do not get a present 🙂 ! May I REALLY suggest that you buy a few copies of Greg Foyster’s ‘Changing Gears’ tho’!!!! I am just finishing mine and it has really made me think in so many ways ~ such an easy and fun read besides – I plan to get a few more copies to send to likeminded friends here and overseas! Thank you Brydie for having previewed it before!!!!!


  3. I adore that mixer but am totally in love with that little succulent. Anyone out there who feels like loving me enough to send me off to a Milkwood course feel free to slather me with philanthropic adoration… I am waiting for my close up Mr Deville! ;). Love this list and like you, we will be keeping Christmas low key. If you don’t even have a reason for the season why bother hocking yourself and your kids to the eyeballs with debt? Gotta say a day of overstuffed overstimulation isn’t remembered when come Mid January and mum and dad aren’t speaking any more for the next 3 months…by the way…if that wonderful, generous benefactor with the Milkwood course could see their way clear to throwing in one of those gorgeous retro mixers, I will perform the rare and wonderous narf7 happy dance but only for their eyes (gotta keep SOMETHING for the wedding night! 😉 )


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  5. I’ve been mindful to Shop Local this year but I’m also planting up humble tin cans with home grown herbs and decorating the tin with scraps of fabric, old gardening magazine articles and string! I’m going to blog about it soon!


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