ready to start again

rainy  waiting wheels

this is a weekend with



and wheels

 a weekend

that rejoices in a hot cup of chai

…or three

a weekend where arguments are refereed,

and ensuing hugs compulsory

a weekend where plans were made

and then rained upon

but the oven runs hot

and bellies are filled

and finally

there is a snatched moment to think,

plan and ignite a few creative brain cells

…ready to start the week again



what did you get up to this weekend?

(and a big thank you for everyone’s lovely birthday wishes from my last post)

16 thoughts on “ready to start again

  1. Gorgeous photos! Please tell me photo #2 is not the oldest Monkey — surely not? The indoor plants are sitting outside in the rain and inside I’m oven drying chickpeas for snacks. Rain on the roof and good smells — perfect weekend.


  2. I was thinking just the same! Happy belated birthday Brydie. I bet that tart tasted amazing. I went for my first surf since Thea’s birth this morning. Salt water therapy – just what my body and mind needed! x


  3. It has been a rather miserable weekend in Sydney. It just hasn’t stopped raining and it’s been so cold. I’m surrounded by piles of wet washing and I just know I need to get to the supermarket but I just don’t want to get out into the rain again. I love how you have kept your oven going all weekend. Very comforting in weather like this xx


  4. I had a lovely weekend. Lunch with friends on Saturday, talking about cookery classes with the owner of a local Vietnamese shop in the afternoon and a bottle of wine in the evening with my girl.

    I hope you had a good one too.


  5. Beautiful photos. I can’t remember what we did on the weekend… I hear that’s a god cure for hiccups: to try and remember what you had for breakfast the day before or what you did on the weekend…

    Happy belated birthday. Xx


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