little soft sweet white peaks of cloud

lemon meringue

lemon meringue

My grandmother once told me she used to make a sponge cake each year for her own birthday cake when her kids were young. That’s what they all loved to eat, so that’s what she would make, she said over a pot of tea one day. Kind and generous yes, and certainly in keeping with a birthday spirit. But… my 83 year old grandmother doesn’t like sponge cake. She never has.

It was probably never going to be a problem that I would have. Committed to my kids taste buds, of course. I frequently catered to their often under ripe taste buds. But committed enough to make them (me) a sponge cake? Oh hell no, (I don’t like them either.)

Several people offered to make me a birthday cake this year. I said that was so very kind, and then politely declined though. You see, I love making my own cake (or tart as the case may be.) It’s the one time of the year, I can make something exactly to my own taste buds. No chocolate, no lollies, no cream… no sponge cake.

For this years birthday I had lemon meringue pie on my mind, and I’d been planning it ever since the last time I had made it, (with added blueberries for good measure.)

“…but it’s not a proper birthday if there isn’t cake,” declared an unsure little voice.

 “Piffle,” I said confidently, “How exciting will the little soft sweet white peaks of cloud like meringue look in amongst a few candles.” Birthday’s can be anything you want it to be, that’s the wonderful thing about birthdays.” 

I kept that close in mind when I decided I would like wholemeal spelt pancakes, blueberries, mangoes, crackers and cheese for dinner as well…anything I want it to be, right?

lemon meringue


And as my still fairly recent tradition of making something meringue-y for my birthday continues, so does my recipe list.

Lemon Meringue Pie 2013

Blue Cherry Meringue Tart 2012

Berry Meringue Tart 2011

A Rather Tall Birthday Cake 2010

25 thoughts on “little soft sweet white peaks of cloud

  1. Happy birthday Brydie! And yes, I’m just like you – I like to make my own cake so I know it’s exactly something I would like. I love your meringue pie tart – it’s gorgeous. Very pretty and so beautifully decorated xx


  2. Happy birthday and here’s to eating whatever you like on your birthday. Such a great idea, I think I might let it translate to Christmas as well! “Anyone for mangoes in the bath with a Santa hat on? 😉 “


      • Steve and I headed off to help out at a local homeless Christmas do and then we had our own little completely sustainable Christmas dinner, luxury but just enough and the only rubbish that we generated was compost from our fruit and veggie scraps and a few bottles that could be recycled. It felt wonderful to have such a simple satisfying meal. Not sure if we will get to do it again though as all of the kids live here in Tassie now so we are probably expected to attend one of their “functions” but on Christmas night it might be chip butties! 😉


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