Creamy Mint and Broad Beans- Frugal Friday

broad bean and mint-cityhippyfarmgirlbroad beans- cityhippyfarmgirlzucchini

I had broad beans and zucchini. Outside, a pot full of mint that was threatening to take over the entire courtyard if I was to let it. Cream that had been sitting on it’s lonesome for far too long and a little fetta that really, really needed sorting out.

What to make, what to make?

Creamy Mint and Broad Beans

A couple of good slugs of olive oil

pop some some new season diced garlic in

some grated zucchini

as many double peeled broad beans as you could be bothered

cook it down until soft

add a few good slurps of cream

salt and pepper to taste

then add some roughly chopped mint

crumbled fetta

and serve with brown rice or spaghetti

Eat with gusto

frugal friday- cityhippyfarmgirl


11 thoughts on “Creamy Mint and Broad Beans- Frugal Friday

  1. It’s very pretty and so vibrantly green! I love the look of this and I think you’re so creative and so good at using up what you have on hand. I love broad beans but yes, double peeling them is a business! xx


  2. Why why why is my mint struggling to survive?! I think it’s something to do with the fact that WA gets so darn hot and our balcony is in full sun for most of the day 😦 Still, I love this combination of flavours. I make something very similar without the cream but with additional lemon zest and chilli flakes, serving it on toasted garlic-rubbed ciabatta. So, so good. I need to try your variation very soon, sounds like a delicious dinner xxx


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